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Take the Right Steps to Find Your Missing Pet

Take the Right Steps to Find Your Missing Pet

Sample lost cat Sample Missing Pet Flyer, created with free template at www.petfbi.org There is nothing as gut-wrenching as the feeling of a pet gone missing. It's something no one should have to experience. If you do find yourself dealing with a missing pet, there are steps you should take to help ensure a happy reunion with your furry friend. When your beloved dog or cat strays from home, it can be a traumatic experience for both of you. Here are some tips that we hope will help you find your pet.
  1. As soon as you discover your pet is missing, take a moment to catch your breath and think about just where he or she may have gone. Is there some place close by that your pet has been previously? If so, start your search there. Search the rest of your neighborhood both on foot and by car. You should continue to do so several times a day while your pet is missing. Speak to your neighbors, delivery persons, and mail carriers to let them know about your missing pet. These extra eyes around the area are incredibly valuable. Be sure to have a photograph of your pet you can hand out along with your contact information. It's also a good idea to post flyers at places around the area where people can see a picture of your missing pet.
  2. Get in contact with animal control agencies and animal shelters in your area. Don’t stop at the nearest places. You should file a report on your lost pet with all the shelters located with sixty miles of your home. If possible, continue to visit the closest shelters every day.
  3. Despite your best efforts to spread the word about your missing pet, it is still likely that many people in the area have not heard. Therefore, you should think outside the box when searching for your missing pet. Put up posters at local community centers, traffic intersections, parks, grocery stores, and near schools. Many newspapers have advertising sections for missing pets. You can also post at veterinarian offices and pet supply stores. These businesses should be especially sympathetic to the pain of a missing pet and may offer additional assistance.
  4. Since it seems everything is done online these days, don’t ignore the Internet when it comes to help. The following sites are worth a look: • Center for Lost PetsFido Finder Craig’s List • Lost Pet USA • Facebook (various local and regional pet sites)
  5. Taking some time now can help later. Always make sure your pet is wearing a collar with ID tag. Check with your veterinarian or animal shelter about having your pet microchipped. These permanent forms of identification can go a long way toward recovering a missing pet. Also, periodically take pictures of your pet to have ready just in case you should need them to quickly create digital or printed search flyers.
No one wants to think about the pain of having a pet go missing, but if you follow the tips above, the chances for a happy reunion are greatly increased. Please share and help others re-unite with their loved ones!
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