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Telling Our Dogs We Love Them In Ways They Can Understand

Telling Our Dogs We Love Them In Ways They Can Understand


As dog lovers, we know that a dog’s love is the perfect example of unconditional love. How do we reciprocate in ways that they’ll understand and appreciate?

In ways big and small, we should constantly remind our furry buddy just how much he is a cherished part of our family! Here’s a neat to-do list that’ll certainly earn us happy tail-wags, sloppy doggy kisses, and good doggy behavior!


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Vet Organics Dog Love

Talk to them as if they understand, because they do!

With consistency and repetition, our furry buddies are intelligent enough to learn simple commands. The same goes for other human language patterns, particularly if the words are directed at them. And just the simple act of having a face-to-face chat with our pooch creates unique bonding moments that he’ll appreciate. Studies have also shown that dogs actually enjoy reading time! He will definitely enjoy the attention and the company!

Let our face do the talking.

Just as we can easily tell from their adoring eyes how they feel towards us, so can they read our emotions when they look at our face. Indeed, looking directly into Fido’s eyes when we’re talking to him makes a huge difference in getting our message across. He can easily pick up what our eyes and overall facial expression are trying to say. And, again, the undivided attention is enough to make him feel happy and content.

Listen to what they have to say.

Communication is a two-way street, and when Fido has something to say, we should take the time to listen. Dogs have their own vocalization patterns that indicate their physical, emotional, and mental states, and we can decipher their meaning if we play close attention. The last thing we should do when our pooch barks, whimpers, howls, or yelps is ignore him. The sooner we learn to “speak their language,” the sooner and the better we’ll be able to address their needs. Understanding them on their level lets them know that they are loved.

Vet Organics dog love

Groom, train, and play; repeat as required.

Regular grooming and training are not just chores or obligations of a responsible pet owner. The time we spend bathing our pooch, brushing his hair, trimming his nails, brushing his teeth, and teaching him tricks and proper behavior also shows that we care for his well-being. Playtime, of course, is a fun and positive way for Fido to release his energy. It does not only stimulate him physically and mentally, though. Being able to play with us also satisfies him emotionally. Of course, let’s not forget to give him treats!

Allow plenty of time for snuggles.

While relaxing on the porch or our couch, while watching our favorite TV show or the rain outside, and when we’re taking an afternoon nap or going to bed for the night - these are ideal times to snuggle with our furry buddy! He can put his head on our lap, or we can lean against each other. We can lightly stroke his fur or rub his sweet spot, too. Nothing says “I love you” more than tender, physical contact; and it will raise Fido’s levels of happy hormones, as well as ours!

Vet Organics Dog love

Loving a dog is a walk in the park, literally and figuratively.

Spending time with our dogs with a simple and leisurely walk outside, when done on a regular basis, gives Fido a sense of comfort and security. Routine plays an important role in our dog’s life, and having our company during specific times of the day serves as a constant reminder to Fido that he is loved. Being able to share experiences with each other also enriches and strengthens our bond with our pet.

A dog can enrich our lives in ways that only man’s loyal best friend can. Having a loving human also enriches a dog’s life in equal measure. Through our body language, gestures, and voice, we can communicate to our pooch how much we value him. More than anything else, we should strive to make our dogs as happy as they make us!

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