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Ways to Spoil Your Pet

Ways to Spoil Your Pet

Just like with children, it’s always other folks who have spoiled pets. Your pets are simply well cared for, right? The following are some unusual ways in which people spoil (or care for) their dogs and cats:

Treat Delivery Service

How about a box loaded with things your dog will love delivered right to your door each month? Well, that’s exactly what BarkBox offers! On their website, you simply select your dog’s size and then choose from a variety of plans. For just $19 to $29 per box, your dog can feel like every month is his birthday!
Bark Box's website is fun to engage with.

BarkBox's website is fun to engage with.  

Window Seat

There’s nothing more relaxing than simply sitting and gazing out the window. Well, your cat agrees 100 percent. Now you can get your cat the perfect window seat. Check here for a variety of window perches just right for any cat. Besides spoiling the felines, window seats keep cats happy and offer mental stimulation through a variety of sights and smells.

Car Booster Seat

Of course, your dog doesn’t want to miss out on the sights either. That’s why a car booster seat is a good investment for anyone looking to spoil a pet. These pet booster seats fit right on the headrest of any auto seat. They're designed to stay stable and allow your dog to easily see outside the car. Click here for more information on car booster seats.

Massage Isn’t Just for People

Watch LMT Pam Holt, of Buddha Dog Animal Massage, in action. Watch LMT Pam Holt, of Buddha Dog Animal Massage, in action. Believe it or not, pets can get stressed just like humans. As we all know, there’s nothing like a good massage for releasing tension and stress. So it makes perfect sense that spoiled pets would be likely candidates for massage. If you’re ready to try it, the process is pretty simple. Just use your fingertips to make smooth circles behind your pet’s ears. After a few minutes, try a similar motion at the top of the neck. From there, slide your fingers over your pet’s head right between his ears from front to back. Your pet will thank you! (For a preview of techniques and proof of how they enjoy it, view this video of Pam Holtz, a Registered Veterinary Technician and Certified Animal Massage Therapist, giving dogs a massage for the first time.)

Smells Like a Spoiled Pet

Aromatherapy makes you think of things like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In this case, it’s another example of very pampered pets. Some pet owners swear by the positive results of using special scents to calm pets. There certainly seems to be something to this idea as SENTRY Calming Collars produces a number of pet collars utilizing what they call “patented GOOD Behavior pheromone technology.” They claim that the pheromone effectively reproduces that produced by mother cats and dogs to calm kittens and puppies. Clinical tests have shown the collars to be effective in reducing if not eliminating unwanted behaviors such as marking, clawing and other anti-social responses. These collars have also been successful in reducing negative responses to fireworks, thunderstorms, and other problem situations and they have pretty good consumer reviews. So whatever your position, spoiled or just lucky pets, these products and techniques might be worth a look.
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