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What Can I Do About My Dog Who Won’t Eat? Part 2

What Can I Do About My Dog Who Won’t Eat? Part 2

Dog guardianship can come with a lot of confusing learning curves. We often think of dogs as perpetually hungry and able to eat just about anything put in front of them. But some of us have a dog who won't eat, not because they’re sick, but for many possible reasons. Here, we’ll help fellow guardians explore the possible reasons and make changes. For more, check out part one of this article, “ Why Isn’t My Dog Hungry, Part One?
Dog Who Won't Eat

Be sure to check out " Why Isn’t My Dog Hungry? Part One" for more helpful guidance on dogs who won't eat.

What Breed, Age, & Life Stage Are We Dealing With Here?

Some breeds are slim? Some breeds are big-boned. All breeds have genetic tendencies that dictate how fast their metabolism is. A teacup poodle could eat just as much as a dog two times its size. It just depends on genetics, lifestyle, and metabolism. Age and life cycle can also play a role. Possible Solutions? There’s pretty much one solution. Get to know the serving size that’s best for the breed in question and feed responsibly. If our pup is on the skinny side and just doesn’t seem motivated by food, try a few other solutions. Try more exercise to kick that metabolism into high gear. Or try a different food altogether, to see if it’s really a picky eater issue. It could be that a food better matched to their biological need for different nutrients at different ages and life stages will be more helpful.
Dog Who Won't Eat

I'm just so sleepy. I might eat more if I got some expertise and worked off some of the calories I do eat.

Could It Be An Exercise Issue?

One of the biggest challenges many dog guardians face is helping their pup get enough exercise. It’s important for their senses, their mental and emotional health on top of their physical health, and it stimulates proper digestion. A dog who won't eat may just need to burn more calories in order to feel hungry. Possible Solutions? A dog’s digestion is tied to their olfactory sense - their sense of smell. Let them stop and smell the roses, so to speak. If walks or runs are usually brisk and uninterrupted, take some time to slow down and let our dog sniff around. It can boost digestion. If exercise is rare, get out there! There are a million great reasons to exercise together. Digestive health is a pretty big one.
Dog Who Won't Eat

Sometimes food can be difficult to digest, which can lead to a full feeling for longer or can lead to disinterest in dinner. EcoDigestive is a probiotic and aids digestion with a simple sprinkle on Fido’s food

Dog Who Won't Eat

I'm hungry, but is this really the only food option? Didn't you say I'm a good boy?

Maybe This Pup Is Just Be A Picky Eater?

Sometimes a dog who won't eat is just a picky eater. Maybe they prefer homemade food to commercial dog food? Can we blame them? Commercial dog food contains additives, preservatives, flavors, and fillers that alter the way the food tastes, how satisfying it is, and whether a dog will feel full. For more information about reading dog food labels and understanding what it means to feed our pups commercial dog food that contain fillers and other additives, take a look at these helpful resources: Possible Solutions? The most obvious solution is to change our pup’s food. It doesn’t have to be a switch to the most expensive kibble on the market. In fact, the opposite is true. Price isn’t necessarily representative of quality and value. Sometimes our fur-babies already have a full belly from a little harmless snacking. Sometimes a dog who won't eat has an illness taking hold. But for pups who fall somewhere in the middle and just don't seem hungry in general, these ideas may help us identify a few ways to help our fur-baby become hungry enough to get the nutrition he needs to be healthy.
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