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What does the color of dog urine mean?

What does the color of dog urine mean?

It may not be as exciting as whether dogs dream or how dogs taste their food , but sometimes there are health topics every good guardian should have, and this is one of them. The color of dog urine can actually give us some important clues to their health.
  • HINT: Healthy dog urine isn’t necessarily clear like it is for humans.

Why is the color of dog urine important?

In veterinary schools, dog urine is called liquid gold because it can be such a go-to health and wellness indicator. And being able to decipher the color palette can be worth its weight in gold. It can range from clear to black, yellow to red, and the spectrum contains important clues about diseases, health emergencies, hydration, food and nutrition, and more.

Dog Urine - Vet Organics

There are five colors, in particular, we should watch for when we glance down at dog urine on our daily walks. Here’s an easy guide to follow:
Transparent Yellow - normal! Even through humans prefer to watch for clear urine, normal dog urine color is a light yellow that isn’t clouded. Every day there will be some variation in the concentration of yellow. Variation is normal, but darker yellow or the colors listed below, lasting for more than a couple days will need to be brought to our vet’s attention. Making sure our pups have plenty of clean, fresh water available at all times is the best way to keep a healthy, transparent yellow color.
Dark Yellow - This can be an indicator of some diseases if it lasts longer than a few days, but most of the time it’s telling us our pup is dehydrated. Did she spend the day out in the sun? Did the water bowl run dry because it was a hot day? There are bowls available that we can hook up to the water line. Is it cold outside and the water in his bowl froze or became too icy cold to drink? There are lightly heated water bowls on the market these days. Is the water bowl dirty and needs to be cleaned? Dirty water bowls can not only be unappetizing, but can hold bacteria, parasites, algae, and microbes that cause dehydration and illness. Dog Urine - Vet Organics
Orange - If it’s dark enough to look orange, it can mean a couple of things. It might be severe dehydration in which case getting our pup on fluids at the vet office will be more important than putting a bowl of water in front of him. It could be a urinary tract infection or something more serious like jaundice from liver disease or a sign of trauma. Getting our fur-baby on fast fluids will be the first step, and the vet will probably want to do some tests to check for diseases.
Brown - When dog urine is so dark it can be called brown or even black, this is serious. Something has happened that is causing damage. It could even be poisoning from something in the garden or a household item we didn’t realize Fido got into. Toxins like acetaminophen (Tylenol), garlic and onions, and zinc can cause this type of reaction and are common in backyards and homes. Check in with a vet right away and make a note of any other symptoms such as lethargy, vomiting, or disorientation.
Pink or Red - This color is also a concern. It might be reddish-orange or reddish-brown, but if there is any pink or red, it’s a sure sign that some diagnostics are needed. While humans can always think back to whether they had beets with their salad, red dog urine can mean a number of serious conditions, trauma, or disease are present. A trip to the vet, in this case, is a must.

How do I determine whether dog urine is the right color?

Dog Urine - Vet Organics Well, we can look down when we’re taking our canine companions for a stroll and try to see what it looks like as it puddles, but this isn’t very scientific and could definitely lead to a poor evaluation. T he best thing to do is capture a bit in a clear plastic or glass container and place it against a white background. Easier said than done, right? Suffice it to say this does not need to be done daily and should instead be used as a way to double check a problem we think we may have detected or if we are deciding whether we need to take Fido to the vet. It’s also worth noting that there are a couple of points to watch for beyond color. If it’s cloudy, turbid dog urine, a trip to the vet is non-negotiable. If our pup is having trouble urinating, either too often, not often enough, or there seems to be pain, a vet visit is also non-negotiable. These additional clues can mean a variety of things that either support the possibility of disease or trauma, but may also mean there is a blockage, a growth, or some other problem developing.

Dog urine and the dog health connection

eco-digestive - Dog Urine - Vet Organics Sometimes things just happen. The water runs out faster than expected or our pup may get into something. A fast vet visit is the best, more responsible response. But because diseases are also a common reason for many of these colors, we can also do our best to ensure good health as a preventative measure. EcoDigestive is a probiotic and enzyme support formula for dogs and cats that helps them digest their food and ensures overall digestive health. Commercial dog food can often be difficult to digest and can cause discomfort or worse, keep them from absorbing the nutrients they need. As a daily supplement, just sprinkle it on their food, and you’ll be providing the best possible opportunity for your fur-baby’s health and well-being.


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