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You Might be a Pet Guardian if ...

You Might be a Pet Guardian if ...

Whether we are pet parents to dogs, cats, or both, there’s no denying that there are just some things we can all relate to in the best possible ways. Sometimes with an eye roll, sometimes a nod of familiarity, and sometimes with a long, loud chuckle - being pet guardians to a fur-family has moments all of us can relate to.

We might be pet guardians if:

pet-guardian We talk to our pets and believe they truly understand us. We are not alone because 97% of us agree our pets know what we are saying.
  • We may identify as a dog person or a cat person, but we can all agree we prefer our pets to our humans.
pet-guardians We know our pets have special knowledge that sunbeams are a magical warm place that cures all insomnia. If only the floor were more comfortable, we would join them.  
  • As pet parents to more than one pet, we know the universal look of patience on the face of our pooch or senior cat when a frenzied pup-playtime or cat-attack takes over. No one is safe from the exhausting gnaw of a single, over-exuberant pet when they decide it’s playtime - for everyone.
pet-guardians No one else, but a fellow dog or cat lover can appreciate the pure joy we know from playing with kittens and puppies. Pint-sized furry felines and puppy piles are our happy place.
  • We realize our home is actually our cat’s home. Our desk is their desk. And we are their servants, right? When they decide it’s time for attention, attention will be paid.
pet-guardians As dog guardians, we all have the moment when we realize we can’t look out the passenger side window or windshield because of all the dog nose prints.
  • We realize our cats are lounging all over us because we’re basically just furniture to them. Somehow being a pet parent means we also become a cat couch.
pet-guardians As cat caretakers, we understand that having a desk or workstation at home is pretty much impossible. It’s a constant struggle between productivity and snuggles. And we aren’t the ones that decide which it will be and when.
  • When we look through our photo library and Instagram only to realize there are barely any pictures of two-legged friends - except where we snapped a perfectly timed pic of our pet on their hind legs.
  • We have called in sick to work at least once because we had a sick pet to take care of. It’s a pretty big club. 53% of all pooch parents and cat caretakers have called in sick for their fur babies.
pet-guardian When we imagine what our pets would say and then we speak for them, sometimes even in a special voice, we are in the company of 78% of all pet guardians.  
  • Speaking of fur babies, 78% of pet parents think of their pets as their children. And most keep a picture of their pet in their wallet.
  • Cats are notorious for being picky about snuggles, food, and toys. We can all commiserate over the piles of unused cat toys we thought would be the perfect playtime partner, but somehow a laser is everything.
pet-guardians We are one of the 58% of pet guardians who include our pets in family portraits. That also makes us part of the 84% who display photos of our pets throughout our home.
  • We have started to choose clothing based on whether the cat and dog hair will be more obvious.
pet-guardians We notice the dog walking by before we notice the person walking him. And when we do say hello, we both exchange our dog’s names before our own!
  • We sign our pet’s name to a greeting card alongside our own, along with 70% of all pet parents.

pet-guardians We have come to the realization that they aren’t just cute. Cats and dogs are an essential part of learning responsibility, compassion, and happiness. Pets are such a big part of our lives. We often find ourselves considering them in our everyday decisions. And isn’t that how it should be? After all, we know just how much they’ve brightened our lives, returning the favor by spoiling them rotten is just common sense.   Because we love our fur babies, we always want the best for them.

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