All-Natural Allergy Relief for Your Cat


Allergy Prone Cats & Dogs Can Breathe a Sign of Relief, Thanks to EcoAllergy Anti Allergy Formula.

Our fast acting formula helps your kitty to cope with ALL types of allergies including:

  • Food allergies
  • Mite allergies
  • Grass based allergies
  • Mold allergies
  • Pollens

As you probably already know, cats can suffer from allergies just as bad as any human being can. Sometimes even worse! So why are so few low-cost options available? Unfortunately we can’t answer that question. But we can tell you that our product, EcoAllergy Anti-Allergy Formula, does the trick quite well against all types of allergies. Our herbal formula contains 100% all-natural extracts and extract derivatives made specifically to calm the immune system and deactivate the over-reactive allergic response your cat is currently experiencing. The edible formula is simple to use.  Simply add the recommended dosage into your cat’s food as you’re preparing his bowl. The chicken flavored formula most likely won’t be noticed. And no matter what type of allergy he’s been suffering, EcoAllergy will help the cat’s immune system to settle down, and return to normal. You’ll be amazed to see the allergic reaction lessen within the first several days most of the time. Red eyes, red puffy skin, and swelling all diminish as the herbal remedies found in EcoAllergy help to restore your cat’s immune system back to its natural order.

How does EcoAllergy Anti-Allergy stack up to the alternatives? It’s both cheaper and safer, as the product is entirely natural. Compare for yourself:

Antibiotics: Often prescribed by veterinarians as a precaution, antibiotics are not effective for allergic response. They are also expensive, and side effects are a potential risk.

More importantly, antibiotics are only effective against actual infections. Even then, they have a tendency to kill beneficial bacteria that supports the body, along with the bad bacteria. This can cause digestive problems or even worsening of the allergy symptoms. At Vet Organics, we believe that natural products are safer and healthier to our beloved pets, and are more supportive of overall pet health. And although antibiotics can work in specific cases as directed by a veterinarian, they are anything but necessary for stimulating the immune system.

Steroid therapy: Steroids are a commonly prescribed treatment for pets with severe allergies. Steroid therapy involves the use of hormones to turn off the immune system response, which then reduces the allergy symptoms. (Allergy symptoms are nothing more than an immune system overreacting). Steroids are not generally used to for immediate relief of symptoms; they must be used long term to work. As you might expect, steroid therapy carries serious risks of infection. By compromising the cat’s immune system, he becomes exposed to infections from the bacteria all around us in our daily environment. Being the carefree animals most cats typically are, they can easily find themselves suffering from environmentally borne illnesses brought on by exposure to harmful bacteria combined with an immune system in a weekend or depleted state. For this reason we do not recommend steroid therapy as anything other than a last resort option.

Allergy shots: Allergy shots are a good option that many cats could undergo to guard against severe allergic responses. However, allergy shots must be used in moderation and take a long time to work. They require many office visits, in many cases going on for years, and are expensive.

Good hygienic practices: Hygiene is an excellent supplement to EcoAllergy or any of the other listed option. Allergies can come from the environment, and you can help your cat avoid many allergic reactions using good hygienic practices. Good practices include frequent bathing with a natural shampoo, rinsing your cat’s feet when he comes in from the yard, keeping the cat indoors during the early morning and late at evening hours when pollen counts are at their highest, and using stainless steel or glass feeding bowls instead of less hygienic plastic ones.

Can EcoAllergy cause my cat to become more allergy sensitive?

No. Unlike some of the alternative options listed above, EcoAllergy comes from herbal extracts proven to calm the immune system naturally. Because these extracts are by themselves beneficial to a cat’s health, they support and enhance the immune system.

There is no data, scientific or otherwise, that even suggest that the ingredients in EcoAllergy cause any side effects when taken as directed. Many of our customers use EcoAllergy on a daily basis for pets with chronically overactive immune systems. One of our first customers who used EcoAllergy sent us this message:

“I tried this for my Maine Coon cat that has always had a “weepy” eye ever since she was a kitten. When I tried this, I honestly didn’t think it would work as well as it did!!! Her eye cleared right up after the very first feeding!!! WOW!!  She will continue to get this everyday going forward! Thank you!”

Proper dosage Each EcoAllergy package comes with a measured scoop to add the proper dosage.  Simply add the specified amount to your cat’s food.

  • EcoAllergy works quickly. You’ll typically notice some improvement of allergy symptoms within a few days. Please allow 7 days for the symptoms to improve before judging whether EcoAllergy is working for your pet. (And remember, all Vet Organics products include a 100% no-hassle money back guarantee so you can try it longer if you wish.)
  • In more complex cases on cats with severe, chronic allergy symptoms, longer treatment may be necessary.
  • EcoAllergy can safely be used on a daily basis with no negative side effects. Its ingredients are supportive of good immune system health.

Get the all-natural, immune system supportive EcoAllergy Natural Formula for just $16.88. And it’s fully guaranteed to work or your money back. Compared to the price of antibiotics or steroid therapy, you can’t go wrong. Not only is EcoAllergy safer and more health supportive than either of those 2 options — it’s also cheaper.

Shipping to anywhere in the US for only $2.99.  *All Vet Organics products are manufactured in the USA, in an FDA-registered facility to ensure strict supplement safety and quality standards.

“If you don’t see a difference in your cat’s allergies within 7 days, EcoAllergy is yours for free.”

At Vet Organics we stand behind our products. We truly believe EcoAllergy Anti-Allergy Formula is the most effective  all-natural remedy to help alleviate your cat’s allergy problems. But even more importantly than that, we’re on a mission to make cat’s lives happier and healthier.

So here’s our way of showing you that EcoAllergy works. Test it out for yourself at no risk. If there are any issues at all with the treatment, call us for an immediate refund. Without any questions, we will send the charge back to your method of payment.