Impossible and Relentless Cat Ear Infections Have Met Their Match

New and Enhanced Formula Is Changing How Cat Owners Fight Infections, without Chemicals and Antibiotics

New and Enhanced Formula Is Changing How Cat Owners Fight Infections, without Chemicals and Antibiotics

And if you know all too well how awful these infections really are and have spent months trying to find a solution, just one minute of your time is all you and your cat need to finally be rid of this infection for GOOD.

But if you’re still on the fence about whether or not to try yet another solution, keep this one fact in mind: mites and bacteria do NOT disappear on their own.

Their colonies only grow bigger and bolder, spreading through the ear, eventually even into the ear canal, where they can reduce your cats hearing and cause permanent deafness, or worse!

These ear mites grow their colonies and lay their eggs alarmingly fast. At the peak of their existence the fighting over scarce food resources will be so great that your cat will be wracked night and day with pain.

It will start in a single ear, spread quickly to the other from constant grooming, and then, at its worst, spread like wildfire to the OTHER pets in your household.

The more mites there are, the more nasty crust and grime drops out of their ears and onto the carpet, the bedding, the pillows… It’s a nightmare.  I know it, because I went through it with my cat Zoe.

The Relentless Pawing at Her Ears, the Cries at Night, Even the Looks She Gave Me—It All Said One Thing and One Thing Only…

…I need help.

Nobody understands your cat better than you do.

Every time your feline friend brushes up against you or sits on your lap, you feel a connection. So when something is wrong, you know that, too.

Zoe let me know she was in pain with her cries and constant scratching.  Just one look at her ears and I knew she had ear mites.

Her ears were inflamed, bright red, with a dark crust, and the smell—I’ll always remember the smell—rotten cheese.  I rushed her to the vet the next day.

By the way, I love our vet.  And she loves Zoe and has always been helpful. But when it came to offering solutions, her hands were tied behind her back.  The high costs of running her vet clinic, combined with the sheer VOLUME of other possible causes of cat ear infections, always meant that she’d come back with a grocery list of drugs to try along with the suggestion that we perform a lab test to find the exact problem.

Those suggestions eventually totaled up to $478. That didn’t include the office visit fees. And it didn’t include the cost of the follow-up visits to make sure the ear infection was gone. Like nearly every other pet owner in the U.S., I was given the prescription that “was least likely to fail,” and returned home with Zoe. And after about a week of use, her kitty ear infection had resided.  Zoe and I breathed a sigh of relief and thought our problems were over.

We had no idea we’d be fighting off this infection for MONTHS.

Had I Read the List of Chemicals and Toxins I Would’ve Returned It to Our Vet That Very Day

I wish I’d never read the list of chemicals, pesticides, and other “ingredients” on that prescription bottle.

Had I known what I was putting into Zoe’s ears, well, let’s just say I would have panicked. These kinds of chemicals require gloves to handle.  And yet here I was rubbing it into my poor cat’s ears!

And just three months later, while giving Zoe a kiss, I smelled the same foul odor coming out of my cat's ears and knew that the infection was back. Visit after visit to the vet produced yet another prescription, another consultation fee, and week after week of trying to slip her pills into her food and grapplling with her to apply her ear drops.

And as a fellow cat owner, you know when your pet starts to resent you.  She looks at you with those intelligent cat eyes and says “why are you doing this to me?”

She Was TIRED of These Endless Prescriptions and Attempts to Fix the Problem. And So Was I!

I know the exact moment when I said “that’s enough.”

I was watching T.V. and one of those homeless animal commercials came on.  The hauntingly sad music, the neglected pets, the eyes with all the pain in them.  Watching those commercials breaks my heart every time. Zoe was in the corner at the time, curled up in a ball.  We had all but given up on her ears.  And something just snapped in me.

I looked at my wife who was sitting next to me and I said “that’s it, if these drug companies can’t help Zoe, we’re going to do it on our own.” You see, as pet owners, we understand what it feels like to be powerless to help our friend.  But being married to a clinical researcher, I knew I had the resources and connections to do something about this.

My wife and I know plenty of vets and care specialists from all around the U.S. And over the next two years we got to work on a solution that had three ESSENTIAL requirements:

  • It had to be all-natural, with ZERO toxins, enzymes or chemicals, and still work as well as the BEST ear medication prescribed by vets in the U.S.
  • It had to be a complete solution tackling EVERY major cause of ear infection. It had to be the first and last ear medication our customers would EVER buy
  • It had to work FAST and be EASY to apply (and I had Zoe around to make sure of that!)

The Results? EcoEars for Cats: The FIRST All-Natural Formula for Cat Ears That is Effective on 94% of ALL Cat Ear Infections

EcoEars for Cats completely cured Zoe of her ear infection.

And since we started offering it on Vet Organics, it has helped TENS OF THOUSANDS of animals become pain free in just DAYS of use. Our proprietary formula is uniquely designed to target the offending parasites, whether they are insects like mites, bacteria like staph, or even yeast and fungus.

It destroys their colonies, wipes out their nests, and then flushes away the gunk and grime that they leave behind.  This process by itself will bring complete relief to your pet and guarantees that whatever the parasite is, it never spreads to any other animals.

“I was skeptical because there were only a handful of reviews when I bought this product… Well, let me tell you that we could see the difference after just one day.” –Brian D.

EcoEars is fragrance free and isn’t dangerous to your cat if it’s licked.

It reverses inflammation, dries away the pus, and destroys the grime and gunk within the first day of use.  Most if not ALL symptoms are gone within 72 hours.  And within ten days, your cat’s ears will be COMPLETELY free of the infestation.

And because EcoEars lowers the pH level inside your cat’s ears, new infections find it far more difficult to gain traction.  When an infestation checks out with EcoEars, you can bet that it checks out for good.

With EcoEars, You Won’t Need to Schedule a Return Visit to the Vet for Ear Infections.  You Won’t Have to Revisit the Vet AT ALL

We cannot stress how incredible of a feat it is to have an ALL NATURAL product perform so well in both clinical tests and in homes across America.

Vets prescribe ear solutions all the time that are FULL of pesticides, hormones, antibacterial agents, and chemicals with impossible-to-pronounce names.  This chemical soup is supposed to kill off ANYTHING it finds in your cats ear, INCLUDING good bacteria and even skin cells.  Some are so powerful they can burn your hand!

EcoEars is changing all this. The days of paying for multiple ear infection medications are over.  The days of paying for multiple visits to the vet to see if the problem is gone, are over. The days of fretting over whether your animal stays up at night over the pain, ARE OVER.

Good riddance!

An All-Natural Ear Curative WITHOUT Tea Tree Oil?

Yes, EcoEars for Cats uses a cutting edge proprietary formula created by Vet Organics that uses ZERO tea tree oil.

Despite its popularity as a natural anti-microbial, tea tree oil is quite toxic to cats and can cause lasting harm if used in great enough concentration. The more we learn about tea tree oil, the more we realize that even small doses delivered into a cat’s ears can inflict toxic damage to the nervous system, forcing your cat to seizure or even become paralyzed.

Your cat loves keeping herself clean.  Unfortunately if any tea tree oil remains on her skin, some of it will likely be ingested or absorbed through the skin.  Veterinarians initially believed that only 100% tea tree oil had enough toxin to harm humans and animals.  Unfortunately this isn’t the case—tea tree oil is dangerous to your cats even in small doses!

Your cat loves keeping herself clean.  Unfortunately if any tea tree oil remains on her skin, some of it will likely be ingested or absorbed through the skin.  Veterinarians initially believed that only 100% tea tree oil had enough toxin to harm humans and animals.  Unfortunately this isn’t the case—tea tree oil is dangerous to your cats even in small doses!

Instead of tea tree oil, EcoEars for Cats contains alternative, all-natural antimicrobial agents such as calendula flower extract, rosemary leaf extract, and mullein leaf extract that, when combined together, can kill off mites, bacteria, yeast and fungus even FASTER than other products.

What Would Your Kitty Say if She Could Speak?  If She Could Ask You for Help?

I know you have a little Zoe of your own.

I know she feels like this is how it is, that she needs to live with the pain forever.

But you know better.  You know she doesn’t have to live with it.  She could be feeling like her normal self WITHIN A DAY OR TWO.  And it requires no awful car ride, no fearful vet visit, no painful shots or strange people poking her ears with chilly flashlights and otiscopes.

She’ll just be at home, with you, the person she trusts most in this world.

So How Much Does EcoEars Cost Compared to a Vet Visit?

(For One Thing, The Price Is LESS THAN HALF of a Single Ear Prescription!)

And that doesn’t even consider the office visit and lab testing!

During your last vet visit, you likely opened your wallet waaaay more than you felt comfortable with.

Let’s be clear about this—your vet isn’t really trying to fleece you. Rather, veterinarians can’t be certain of what caused the problem, so they follow a standard protocol to combat it. So they’ll suggest lab testing along with two or even THREE different kinds of medications. If one of those medications doesn’t work, surely the other ones will.

But by the end of your vet visit, you could easily have spent more than $200-300 on:

  • Two or three medications, retail priced at around $50 EACH
  • Lab testing which can run you over $100
  • Plus the cost of the consultation, around $50 on average

That’s a fortune in vet visit costs, ESPECIALLY since this is something that many people remedy AT HOME, for a fraction of the price!

EcoEars Is Like Giving Your Cat Three Ear Medications in One—But You Won’t Pay the Price of Three Ear Medications.  You Won’t Even Pay the Price of One!

We’re Currently Selling EcoEars for Cats for Just $15.88

Plus $2.99 Shipping and Handling!

Order Now

You won’t find a deal on such an effective ear formula anwhere else on the market. MANY THOUSANDS OF CATS have found relief with EcoEars. And every day, more and more people are discovering how powerful EcoEars is.

“The only issue I have with this product is the smell. Otherwise, it worked better than I expected. I have referred the products to others already.” -Kim R.

To get your bottle of EcoEars to the Post Office and on its way to you in 1 business day or less, please click.  Two minutes a day, for ten days, and your cat’s ear problems will be GONE.  That’s just 20 MINUTES TOTAL spent fighting an infection that your cat may have been suffering for MONTHS.

  • Day 1: You’ll see a remission of the symptoms almost immediately
  • Day 3: Near total symptom relief, your cat is no longer in pain or scratching her ears
  • Day 10: The complete elimination of ear mites, yeast, fungal infections, bacteria or other parasites.

Give us 10 days with EcoEars in your home, and your cat will be free of ear pain.  That’s ONE of our promises to you!

But We Have ANOTHER Promise for You. And We Couldn’t Offer It Unless We TRULY Believed In EcoEars for Cats.

If EcoEars Doesn’t Eliminate the Ear Infection and Clear Up ALL Symptoms, We’ll Refund the Entire Amount You Paid, No Questions Asked.

You have nothing to lose by trying EcoEars.  And what you get in return is nothing less than your dear kitty, free of the pain she probably thought she’d have forever. She doesn’t have to live with pain any longer.  She doesn’t have to suffer.
Your data is encrypted and our store is a Google Certified eStore. Order NOW and Receive EcoEars for Just $15.88 (Plus $2.99 Shipping)

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This product works great. Within 2 days my buddy was feeling normal and no more scratching that ear,yelping,or shaking of his head. Delivery was fast. I choose standard and it was here in 2 days. That in itself was amazing.
– F. Knighton


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