The Top 12 Cat Ear Infection Symptoms

The Top 12 Cat Ear Infection Symptoms

Q: What are the important cat ear infection symptoms I should be looking for?

Cat ear infections have many causes, so it makes sense that there are many symptoms to watch for. By identifying which ear infection symptoms your cat has, you can narrow down the cause of the infection and find a suitable treatment. The top 12 cat ear infection symptoms are:

  • Sensitivity when you touch your cat’s ears
  • Cat whines or cries periodically
  • Atypical eye motions
  • Your cat frequently shakes her head
  • Tilting of the cat’s head to one side
  • Your cat is constantly scratching or rubbing her ears
  • There is bad smell coming from cat’s ear
  • You see drainage in and around your cat’s ear
  • The cats ear is oozing thick gunk of any color
  • There is a brown or black or yellow discharge from the cat’s ear
  • You can see redness in the outer ear area
  • There is blood coming from the ear

All cat ear infections may include some or all of these symptoms, however there are subtle differences in symptoms between infections. i.e., cat yeast infection symptoms could be accompanied by flaking in the outer ear. Also, a cat may have more than one infection in her ear (called a secondary infection, causing multiple symptoms.) An all natural, wide-spectrum ear cleaner such as EcoEars can be used very effectively because it can work on all of these infections.

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