Be a Better Cat Parent: Take Care of Your Cat’s Ears

Be a Better Cat Parent: Take Care of Your Cat’s Ears

Are Your Cat’s Ears…

  • Itchy?
  • Dirty?
  • Smelly? or
  • Gunky? 

Your Cat May have…

  • Ear Mites
  • Yeast
  • Fungus, or
  • Bacteria

19451054Do the Right Thing for Your Cat’s Ears

If your cat has any of these signs, he or she may have an Ear Infection:

  1. Bad smell coming from the ear.
  2. Constant scratching of the ear.
  3. Frequent head shaking.
  4. Redness in the ear.
  5. Constantly dirty ears; or yellow, brown, or black flakes or discharge.

If your cat has any of these symptoms, then he or she probably has an ear infection.

The good news is that fast treatment can reverse and even clear up your cat’s ear problems, even as quickly as in just 72 hours!

Use a Natural Solution

You can take your cat on an unwelcome, unpleasant trip to the vet. You vet can take samples, run tests, and prescribe pharmaceutical drugs and/or pesticides.

Or, you can opt for a quicker, simpler route: Use natural botanicals which have excellent infection fighting properties.

EcoEars® for Cats works on ALL Your Cat’s Ear Concerns

EcoEars® for Cats is specially formulated to eliminate the symptoms and causes of all of the main kinds of cat ear infections. Our formula includes several all-natural disinfectants that are not only safe for your best friend but also will not harm you!

How EcoEars Works

  • Natural, broad-spectrum anti-microbials prevent bacteria from checking in and staying in your cat’s ear canal.
  • Little-known botanical extracts relentlessly fight cat ear mites and yeast, eliminating the causes of most cat ear infections.
  • EcoEars fights cat ear infections without the use of chemicals and pesticides found in prescribed treatments.
  • EcoEars lowers the pH inside your cat’s ear, which balances the environment, and
  • Occasional maintenance use helps your cat from getting future infections.

How to Use EcoEars for Cats

  • It takes just two minutes per day, and once you begin treatment with EcoEars the symptoms will improve in 24 to 48 hours. In most cases, problems will greatly improve in less than 72 hours. (But keep using it for the full 10 days to make sure the problems are gone.)
  • Treatment is very simple and is the same for all types of ear infections. Simply lay your cat on her side, pour a little EcoEars into her ear, massage the base of her ear, and hold her still for 90 seconds. That’s literally all it takes.

Guaranteed Results!

  • 1 Full Year, 100% money-back guarantee: If EcoEars® does not work to eliminate your cat’s symptoms and eliminate the infection, we’ll refund every penny. No Questions Asked!

Now with $2.99  flat-rate shipping, your cat will be symptom-free in less than 4 days, Guaranteed!

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“I was skeptical because there were only a handful of reviews when I bought this product… Well, let me tell you that we could see the difference after just one day.”
— Brian D.

“This journey we have been on for an answer for a ceaseless ear infection has finally come to an end. I am ecstatic! I have spent hundreds of dollars at the vet, pills, switching food, drops etc. After one application, I saw a difference. The results have continued. I am nearly at the 10-day mark for suggested use to rid the infection! No more scratching cat!”
— Arielle S.
“…worked better than I expected. I have referred the products to others already.”
— Kim R.