Cure Dog Mites with EcoMange

Cure Dog Mites with EcoMange

Click to view video of the Sarcoptes scabiei mite.  (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

What IS Mange?

Mange is a skin condition in dogs and other pets that is characterized by an infestation of mange mites. These tiny mites cause your dog to constantly lick, chew or scratch his skin. Mange can be caused by two types of mites: demodectic (demodex) and sarcoptic mange mites, and both types can cause secondary infections of bacteria, fungus, or yeast.

Causes of Mange in Dogs

Demodectic mites are actually common in dogs, and can be transferred from mother to puppy at birth. For young dogs, in small quantities, they can resolve on their own. However, if they proliferate in one spot on a dog, over time they can cause bald patches in the dog’s skin—often seen as spotting on a dog’s face.

Demodectic mites can also affect the dog’s entire body and cause bacterial infections, which make the dog itchy, uncomfortable, and often smelly as well. Certain breeds and older dogs, especially those with comprised immune systems, are affected by all-over demodectic mange.

Sarcoptic mange is also known as as canine scabies. This type of mange usually causes intense itching. Very contagious, sarcoptic manage symptoms occur soon after exposure, and the mites that cause it can even bother humans. Dogs may show hair loss, red skin patches, body sores and scabs. Areas of your dog that may be affected could be his ears, elbows, face or legs—however, sarcoptic mange can rapidly spread to the entire body.

Important notes

  • Mange is contagious. Check all pets immediately for symptoms.
  • Poor hygiene can contribute to the spread. When treating mange on dogs, it is especially important to neutralize the environment as well. 
  • A delay in diagnosing and treating manage can may worsen your dog’s condition, and can even be life-threatening.

Why Should I Use EcoMange™ to Treat My Dog?

Natural Healing

EcoMange™ Mange Support Formula is a natural spray formula, designed to:

  • Immediately cool the affected area,
  • Clean wounds from mange, and
  • Allow healing to begin. 

Natural Ingredients

EcoMange’s all natural ingredients include Organic Calendula Extract, Organic Comfrey Root Extract, Tea Tree Oil (less than 1%), Citric and Boric Acids, and Ionic Silver.

Each ingredient is specifically chosen for its documented effects on supporting skin and rendering the environment inhospitable to parasites.

Pleasant to Use, Affordable, and GUARANTEED to work

  • Skin safe and non-toxic.
  • Pleasant herbal smell.
  • Guaranteed to work.

As with all Vet Organics products, EcoMange is fully backed by our unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee.

How to Use EcoMange™

  • One-step, no-rinse treatment. Just spray it right on the affected area and let it dry. 
  • No need to touch painful and raw wound areas. After first application, simply spray once every other day for 1 week (followed by one spray per week until gone). 
  • No rinsing needed before or after treatment.

Note: We strongly recommend you bathe your dog regularly during the healing process.

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