Top 10 Dog Ear Infection Symptoms

Top 10 Dog Ear Infection Symptoms

If Your Dog Has Any or All of These Ear Symptoms, You Are One Step Away from Relief

Though there are many signs that can indicate your dog has an ear infection, the most common dog ear infection symptoms are listed below. Be aware that it is normal for a dog to show multiple symptoms when an ear infection is present.

Dog ear infection symptoms, whether caused by ear mites, bacteria, fungus or yeast infections, are all similar and are usually noticed by the dog owner when the dog begins to smell or scratches the ears a lot. Be aware that although your vet can determine what exactly is causing the ear infection through lab testing, there are often secondary infections which are not diagnosed until the initial treatments do not work.

The 10 most common dog ear infection symptoms are:

  1. Bad smell coming from dog’s ear
  2. Dog constantly scratches or rubs her ears
  3. Dog frequently shakes her head or tilts it to one side
  4. Sensitivity when you touch your dog’s ears
  5. Atypical eye motions
  6. Whining or crying periodically for no apparent reason
  7. Dogs ear has a thick, dark waxy substance
  8. There is a brown, black or yellowish discharge from the dog’s ear
  9. The outer ear area is red or swollen
  10. There is blood coming from the ear

If you see blood or open wounds in your dog’s ear, you should not use EcoEars and should see your vet immediately due to the potential for a ruptured ear drum.

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EcoEars is an ear disinfectant and ear cleaner made specifically for dogs with ear infections and it was designed to act on a very broad range of dog ear infection causes and the associated symptoms. Because EcoEars works on all common ear infections, determining the exact type of infection your dog has is an optional procedure.

When used as directed, EcoEars destroys the cause and eliminates all ear infection symptoms related to mites, yeast infections, fungus, and a wide range of bacterial infections. In addition to disinfecting your dog’s ears, EcoEars lowers the pH slightly which makes the ear environment less susceptible to recurring infections.

With EcoEars, you’ll notice the symptoms begin to clear in 1-2 days and be gone in a few days. (We recommend that you continue treatment for a full 10 days.)

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