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Revealed: Myths about dog ear infections you NEED to know about before your next vet visit!

What if YOU were in Pain, but COULDN’T ASK FOR HELP?

Your Dog, Your Best Friend Could be Suffering Through a Terrible Ear Infection – And You’d Never Even Realize It

You love your dogs. You’d do ANYTHING for them, without question, especially if they were in pain. But ear infections are notoriously difficult to spot and treatment can be a tough choice. By the time your dog is persistently scratching his ears and shaking his head, he may have had an infection for weeks or even MONTHS. Imagine having an infection so bad that your ear canal turned bright red, smelled horrible, and is constantly releasing fluids. You would have visited the doctor for treatment long before it got that bad! But dog ear infections aren’t typically treated that quickly. It’s not because so many guardians are bad dog-parents. It’s more often because dog ear infections are one of those ailments our pups just can’t tell us about.

Myth 1: Even in the 21st Century, Many People STILL Believe This One Persistent Myth about Dog Pain  

“Pets simply don’t feel pain the way we do.” They were certain that a pet’s tolerance for pain was much higher than ours.

In fact, many people STILL believe this, even though this myth about dogs was debunked YEARS ago!

The truth? Our pets feel pain just as much as we do — but they just aren’t able to communicate about it the way humans do. Dog’s ears, in particular, are a difficult pain zone to read because we have limited physical signs like redness, shaking head, and smell.

It’s not like we can detect a visible limp or excessive drooling when our dog has a dog ear infection. Instead, we have to commit to being great guardians and remember to check our dog every few weeks. Just like we should always check their paws, teeth, and look them over for ticks or other irritations. An examination is a must and selecting the right treatment is critical. The risk we run by not checking their ears is that they go too long without getting treatment. The longer our dog goes without help, the greater the chances they’ll lose their hearing or worse due to a very persistent dog ear infection.


(And in most cases treatment can be done, for your dog’s comfort, in your own home!)

Myth 2:  We NEED to make multiple vet visits to determine the specific cause of dog ear infections (read: EXPENSIVE) before we can start helping our dog.

Don’t misunderstand us. Lab tests are absolutely vital for identifying types of infections and the right treatment. However, there are remedies that can provide fast relief for the vast majority of dog ear infections. Plus, it’s the prevention of dog ear infections that are really the key! Make the vet appointment to avoid delays in testing the cause of the infection. But if you suspect this is a standard infection, don’t wait for that vet visit that can be days or even weeks away. The standard protocol of expensive lab tests, prescriptions, and follow-up visits can be quite expensive and time consuming.

Get started on a remedy, such as EcoEars, that can help right away. EcoEars won’t do any harm if it turns out the dog ear infection is rare and requires some other form of treatment.

DOG EAR INFECTIONS: Symptoms and Treatment

Now it’s time to briefly go over dog healthcare and wellbeing – as well as responsible dog guardianship when it comes to watching for, treating, and preventing dog ear infections.

How Can I Tell if My Dog Has an Ear Infection?

We won’t always notice the early symptoms of dog ear infections if we aren’t paying attention. Some of the first symptoms that may present themselves include:

  • Scratching the ear area often
  • Rubbing the side of face on the floor or furniture
  • Brown or yellow discharge from the ear
  • Odor from the ear
  • Redness in and around the ear
  • Swelling of the ear canal or ear flap
  • Lots of head shaking

As a dog’s ear infection becomes more severe, any or all of these symptoms may appear, advance, and get worse.

And more severe symptoms may set in:

  • Scratching in and around the ear
  • Scabs on the inside and/or outside of ear
  • Advancing redness and/or swelling
  • Brown, yellow, or bloody discharge from the ear
  • Odor coming from the ear
  • Hair loss around the ear
  • Head shaking or head tilt
  • Loss of balance or swaying
  • Hearing loss, which can show up as difficulty hearing or seeming easily startled

Which Dogs Are Prone to Ear Infections?

While dog ear infections can occur in all dogs, there are some dog breeds and some lifestyles that make ear infections more likely.

Dogs with long floppy ears, heavy ear flaps, or very hairy ears are more prone to dog ear infections because their anatomy is built to keep dirt and moisture in the ear. When dirt and moisture are trapped in the ear canal, it can become the perfect ecosystem for mites, fungus, and bacteria to grow out of control.

Short dogs or pups with short legs can also be prone to getting a dog ear infection because their ears are actually closer to the ground. When a tall dog goes for a walk, they can avoid a lot of the splashed dirt and water that they kick up. Shorter dogs will end up capturing more grit in their ears, causing buildup and eventually, infection.

A dog’s lifestyle can also mean they’re more prone to ear infections. Active, outdoor adventurers that love to swim and frequent muddy areas will always have more grime build-up because they have more access. Similarly, dogs kept in outdoor kennels, even those with dog houses, will also be prone to dog ear infections because they are exposed to dirt, wind, and rain more than a dog who can escape to spend many hours indoors, as needed.

How Are Dog Ear Infections Diagnosed?

While we can and should always watch for symptoms, a final diagnosis of the actual cause can only be determined by a medical professional. A veterinarian will examine the ear canal, sinuses, and overall behavior of a dog for a full evaluation. They’ll also collect a sample of any discharge to send to a lab. This helps to determine whether it is a dog ear infection or some other cause with similar symptoms, such as parasites. The exam is not typically painful, but can be if the dog ear infection is advanced. A dog may need to be sedated to minimize pain while capturing samples and while handling the dog’s ears.

How Are Dog Ear Infections Treated?

Typically the vet or a vet tech will clean your dog’s ears to remove as much dirt and discharge as possible. They’ll usually gently wash your dog’s ear and show you how to do the same if they are giving you a prescription for a topical. Treatments can also include oral medications such as antibiotics, if it’s a confirmed bacterial infection, other meds for other types of infections, and pain killers.

How You Can Prevent Dog Ear Infections?

Adjusting the lifestyle is one way to quickly reduce the risk of exposure to grit and moisture that can build up. It may not be realistic to stop our pups from enjoying a good swim or running around outdoors, but giving them an indoor space to escape to, rather than an outdoor kennel with a dog house, can make a difference. This reduces dust, dirt, and moisture that can build up in their dog house and dog run.

Keeping our dog’s ears clean and checking them often for symptoms is the best way to prevent dog ear infections. EcoEars is an important tool to help keep ears clean and clear while preventing ear infections in dogs

It’s Time You Felt Empowered To Handle This Very Routine Dog Ear Issue…


EcoEars is the FIRST 100% natural dog ear infection treatment cleaning formula of its kind for your dog’s ears that IMMEDIATELY helps support his natural defenses. It helps eliminate most major causes of a dog ear infection. EcoEars disinfects and soothes the FOUR leading causes of painful, smelly and itchy ear problems in dogs:

  • Ear Mites
  • Yeast
  • Bacteria
  • Fungus

We conducted experiments showing that even traces of bacterial infections in dog’s ear such as staph and Ecoli disappear within DAYS of using this fast-acting formula.

What makes EcoEars such a powerhouse cleaner for dog ear infections? The answer is in our list of 100% all-natural ingredients. We’ve paired natural, broad spectrum anti-microbials with powerful botanical extracts to relentlessly fight off and eliminate yeast and buildup that cause painful itching and infections. Best of all, your dog’s symptoms will improve in just 24 to 48 hours. Complete relief can occur as quickly as 72 hours after administering this remedy. And after just 10 days of using EcoEars (14 for chronic cases), your dog’s symptoms and infection will be gone.

This Infection Remedy Is SUPER-Easy and Takes Just 90 Seconds a Day!

We made EcoEars extremely easy to use for relieving your dog’s ear and eliminating the infection. Simply saturate your dog’s ear with EcoEars and massage the base for 90 seconds. That’s literally all it takes to get rid of the infection of your dog’s ear. And it works FAST. That means no more scratching, no more head shaking, no more dog ear infection and no more dragging your dog to the vet over and over!

Here are just a few additional benefits of Vet Organics’ EcoEars:

  • Completely natural, with ZERO pesticides or chemicals that can harm your dog’s ears or become infection-resistant.
  • Balances the pH inside your dog’s ear to REDUCE the risk of recurring infections
  • No more nasty oozing and bad smells (That smelly ear stuff dries and flakes on your pillows, bedding, and carpet. Yuck)
  • No more expensive vet visits for a constantly recurring dog ear infection. Save $100’s or even $1,000’s of dollars from repeat visits! Sounds great, right?


(The Answer Is Going to Blow You Away)

During your last vet visit for an ear infection, you likely opened your wallet for more than you felt comfortable. Let’s be clear about this—your vet isn’t trying to fleece you. Rather, veterinarians can’t be certain of what caused the dog ear infection. They follow a standard protocol to combat ear infections! So they’ll suggest lab testing along with two or even THREE different kinds of medications. If one of those medications doesn’t work, surely the other ones will.

But by the end of your appointment, you could easily have spent more than $200-300 on:

  • Two or three medications, retail priced at around $50 EACH
  • Lab testing which can run you over $100
  • Plus the cost of the consultation and follow up visits about that dog ear infection, around $50 on average

That’s a fortune in vet visit costs, ESPECIALLY since you can easily clean your dog’s ears and relieve the infection AT HOME, for a fraction of the price!

Although EcoEars Is NOT a Medication, Using It is Like Giving Your Dog Three Ear Medications in One—But You Won’t Pay the Price of Three Ear Medications. You Won’t Even Pay the Price of One Office Visit!

We’re Currently Selling EcoEars for Just $22.88 Plus $0.99 Shipping and Handling or FREE shipping over $39 purchase!

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You won’t find a deal on such an effective, safe dog ear infection formula anywhere else on the market! Over 100,000 DOGS have found relief with EcoEars. And every day more and more people are discovering how awesome EcoEars is for their dogs ears and actually eliminating the root cause of the infection:

“EcoEars by Vet Organics fixed our girl’s ears in the first couple of days & she was a whole new, happy dog again. THANK YOU Vet Organics!!!”

– Nikki Wiedmer –

“EcoEars is a great product! I used it in my Lacey’s ears and we haven’t had any problems since ”

– Bonnie Schweitzer –

“My Golden Retriever “Mani Boy” just turned 9 years old and has had chronic ear problems from the beginning. We ended up having to have one last round of antibiotics, but because of this product we have had no issues since! We’ve tried every product out there but won’t use anything else from now on!
Thank you for the peace of mind that my dog is not in discomfort anymore, thank you for this product being organic and good for our dog’s ears, and seriously thank you for giving us an option to help our old pup with a product we can afford.

– Melissa Block Demant –

“I used this product for my Boston last summer. Worked awesome.
In 2 days I saw an improvement. Within 4 days the infection was gone.
My pit bull started having an issue with his right ear. I was bad. It was so infected. I used EcoEars twice a day and again it worked like magic!! 4 days have passed and you can’t even tell he had an ear issue!! I will never use anything else. This stuff is fantastic!! Thank you Vet-organics for such an amazing product!!

– Tina Neupauer –

*Results may vary based on factors such as age, size and physical condition of your pet.

We Believe In Our Product and We Love Our Pricing


So we decided on this PERMANENT guarantee:

“If EcoEars Dog Ear Infection Formula & Cleaner Doesn’t Help YOUR Dog’s Ear Problems within 10 Days, OR If You’re Unsatisfied for ANY Reason for Up to ONE FULL YEAR, Contact Us for a FULL REFUND.”

(No questions asked, no annoying surveys, no customer service calls —

EcoEars has already helped 100,000 dogs find relief from chronic ear infections. Now, we want YOUR dog to get better again, to get dog ear infection treatment in the comfort of his own home, with as little fear as possible. And it’s now easier than ever to solve dog ear infections with EcoEars!

No More Pain, No More Itching and Scratching—Just Lasting Relief

Give Your Best Friend the DOG EAR INFECTION Relief She Deserves. Order TODAY and RESTORE Your Dog’s Ears to their Natural Healthy State.

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From a fellow pet lover, I want to thank you for considering EcoEars or any of the products we have available at Vet Organics. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us

Sincerely yours,


President and Chief Happiness Officer

Vet Organics products are manufactured in clean, secure facilities registered and inspected by the FDA. Our products ingredients come from natural and organic materials known to improve a pet’s health regimen and quality of life.

If you suspect that your pet may be suffering from a severe medical condition, or if the dog ear infection seems serious or very resistant to non-prescription solutions, consult your veterinarian immediately.

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Craig Davis

Craig is a lifelong pet owner and dog advocate with a special interest in animal and human longevity. He founded Vet Organics to develop an affordable, all-natural, safe and effective ear infection remedy for his dog, Lucy, whose chronic ear problems could not be solved by the vet.

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EcoEars by Vet Organics fixed our girl's ears in the first couple of days & she was a whole new, happy dog again. THANK YOU Vet Organics!!!*

Nikki Wiedmer


EcoEars is a great product! I used it in my Lacey's ears and we haven't had any problems since.

Bonnie Schweitzer


Thank you for the peace of mind that my dog is not in discomfort anymore, thank you for this product being organic and good for our dog's ears, and seriously thank you for giving us an...

Melissa Block Demant


I used this product for my Boston last summer. Worked awesome. In 2 days, I've seen a improvement. Within 4 days, the infection was gone. My pit bull started having an issue with his...

Tina Neupauer


This stuff really works--after spending money at the vet @ $25 a bottle, it's saving me a lot of money.

José Olivo

*Results may vary based on factors such as age, size and physical condition of your pet.