How Do I Treat Dog Ear Mites?

How Do I Treat Dog Ear Mites?

Q: How do I treat dog ear mites? I’m not 100% sure that’s what my dog has, but the symptoms match.

A: Dog ear mites are normally accompanied by red, itchy ears, bad smell and dirty/gunky/waxy discharge coming from the dog’s ear. Whether your dog has ear mites or any of the other common types of dog ear infections, EcoEars Dog Ear Infection Formula will restore your pets ears to their natural health.

Q: What are Dog Ear Mites and how did my dog get them?

A: Dog Ear Mites are tiny insects that live in the ear wall and suck blood. They can be picked up from other infected animals, so if you have other dogs or cats, check them too for ear mite symptoms.

If the bad ear smell is what tipped you off to to a problem as it does for many pet owners, you probably noticed a stale yet ripe smell which is quite unpleasant. Then, on further examination you may have seen some of the other top 10 symptoms–including filthy ears, constant scratching the ears, discharge and head shaking.

Q: If the symptoms of dog ear mites are so similar to other infections, how do I know if my dog has ear mites or something else?

A: The short answer is you can’t know for sure unless you do lab testing. In fact, often when treatment is prescribed for ear mites, there is a simultaneous secondary infection which goes undiagnosed. EcoEars acts as a natural broad spectrum disinfectant and treats the vast majority of infections, so you don’t have to know exactly what is causing your dog’s ear infection to cure it.

Most prescription drugs and pesticides target one specific infection (such as gram positive bacteria or fungus or yeast); you would need lab test results from each class of parasite to be able to treat them effectively. But our natural formula allows you to avoid the time and expense of lab testing and vet visits and treat your dog in the comfort of your own home. Your dog’s symptoms could be gone before you even get the lab results back!

Q: What about the cost? And your guarantee?

A: While conventional ear mite treatment for a dog can easily run $150 or more depending on tests, medications, and procedures performed, EcoEars costs less than $25 including delivery right to your door. EcoEars includes a 100% money back guarantee. You will never see a money back guarantee from your vet, and many patients complain that they experienced multiple vet visits for a single ear infection before they started searching for new options.

EcoEars is a safe and effective natural formula that quickly and gently treats dog ear mites and most other infections and is extremely effective and easy to use. By formulating EcoEars with a broad spectrum of powerful natural ingredients–with each one targeting specific infections–we have created a product which effectively treats the vast majority of dog ear infections.

EcoEars has successfully treated 1000’s of dogs whose owners reported ear mites, yeast infections, and a wide range of bacterial infections. In addition to killing parasites and bacteria, EcoEars lowers the pH in your dog’s ear slightly which makes the ear environment less susceptible to recurring infections.

When you use EcoEars Dog Ear Infection Formula, you’ll notice the symptoms begin to improve in 1-2 days and be gone in a few days. (You should always continue treatment for a full 10 days.) Will it work? It is extremely likely. But if for some reason EcoEars does not work for your dog, all Vet Organics products include a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked.

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