Dog Skin and Coat Support

Dog Skin and Coat Support

Commercially Made Dog Foods Lack Skin and Coat Protection. 

EcoBalance Skin & Coat Formula Provides Proper Protection and Support for Your Dog’s Outermost Layers.

  • Protects the skin against hair loss, bald patches, rashes, lesions, swelling, scratching, itching and biting
  • Keeps the dog’s coat enriched with vitamins and nutrients to develop a healthy, vibrant shine

Take a look at your dog right now. Do his outer layers, both his skin and his coat, look shiny and healthy?

Or does your dog seem to always scratch some part of his body? Always showing signs of redness, rashes, bald spots, etc.?

It surprises many dog owners to know that commercial dog food does not have sufficient levels of vitamins and nutrients to support good skin and coat health.

At Vet Organics, we were puzzled — until we learned why. Skin and coat health is considered by the dog food industry to be more of a cosmetic issue, not a core, essential part of your dog’s health!

And that’s perfectly fine, if you’re willing to let your beloved dog be at increased risk of scabs, lesions, skin infections, hair loss and skin allergies. Need we say more?

Good skin health is essential to your dog’s overall health

Your dog’s skin is the largest organ in his entire body. Make sure he gets the proper supplementation with a high-quality skin-enhancing supplement like EcoBalance Skin and Coat formula for dogs.

Specially designed to supply the critical nutrients for a healthy skin and coat, you’ll notice the improvement in a few days to a few weeks, depending on your dog’s diet and blood levels of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and other biological necessities.

What it contains

EcoBalance Skin and Coat contains vitamins A & E, linoleic acid, fish oil, oleic acid, choline, zinc, and biotin.

Sound familiar? Humans benefit from the same nutrients. EcoBalance Skin and Coat formulates them in dog-specific dosages to keep your beloved four-legged friend healthy, infection free, and showing off a beautiful outer coat that any dog owner would be proud of.

It’s a Vet Organics product, so you know it’s 100% all-natural. No preservatives, hormones, or unnatural chemicals of any kind.

Reasonably priced and no-hassle money back guarantee. 

“My puppy was ill from being a shelter pup. This product has made a huge difference in her energy level and appetite. Thank you!!”

Just apply a single pump of EcoBalance Skin and Coat to your dog’s daily meal, and he’ll receive all the healthy skin and coat-supporting nutrients he needs for good outer layer health.

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