Fish Oil For Dogs

Fish Oil For Dogs


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fish oil supplements for dogs

Fish oil has so many benefits it’s hard to beat.

Why Your Dog Needs Fish Oil

When it comes to your dog’s health, there are two primary elements in keeping him in top working order. You must be reactive by taking the dog to the vet and paying for medicine and treatment for conditions as they arise, and you must be proactive by providing your dog with a healthy diet and nutritional supplements along with an exercise-heavy active lifestyle.

Many dog owners forget that being proactive about a dog’s health can dramatically increase his quality of life down the line and reduce the occurrence of expensive veterinary bills. It’s far cheaper to invest in high-quality dog food and nutritional supplements than it is to treat a degenerative disease or the many side effects of avoidable diseases like obesity. Some supplements present themselves with so many benefits it’s a wonder all pet owners don’t demand they be a part of their regular routines. Take, for example, fish oil. This affordable and easy to get supplement can make an incredible difference in your dog’s overall quality of life, and comes with practically zero negative side effects or risks. It’s a win-win for both you and your dog.

About Fish Oil

Fish oil is pretty much exactly what it sounds like it is: Oil extracted from fish. The oil is rich with Omega-3 fatty acids that offer a number of major health benefits to your pup. Fish oil is available in many forms — you’ll find raw oil you can pump into a dog’s food, small pills to administer orally, or even topical applications designed for dealing with allergy hotspots and other skin conditions. It’s all about finding the specific application for your dog’s needs and routines.

The primary active chemicals in fish oil, EPA and DHA, are found in a variety of fish including salmon, sardines, mackerel, albacore tuna, and more. These two chemicals are both Omega-3 fatty acids — do note that fish oil contains Omega-6 fatty acids and other compounds that are not as beneficial (but do provide minor health boosts).

Your veterinarian can help you figure out the right dosage of fish oil for your dog and how to work the new supplement into his diet. Excluding possible allergies, fish oil has no negative side effects. Adding a fish oil supplement to your dog’s diet has virtually no downside, but can provide your dog with immense health benefits. In fact, the only consequence to overdosing on fish oil is a bit of diarrhea (naturally you should reduce the dose if this occurs).

Benefits of Fish Oil

The Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil offer a number of stunning benefits to your dog. Fish oil improves the health of your dog’s skin, makes his coat shinier, increases his stamina, soothes skin with minor irritation, and makes his food more appealing.

But the benefits aren’t just on the surface; research indicates that Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil can also improve joint functionality, strengthen the dog’s immune system, reduce his risk of heart disease, and act as an anti-inflammatory. In dogs with health problems related to their coat, skin, or joints, a simple fish oil supplement can often lead to increased mobility, activity, and comfort.

In healthy dogs, fish oil can strengthen the body against genetic disorders and other health maladies. It’s not a one-stop cure for bad health and it won’t stop your dog from developing hip dysplasia or cancer, but it can help to ensure your dog stays healthy and happy for as long as possible.

All dogs, whether young or old, purebred or mixed, can benefit from a daily dose of fish oil. Even dogs with sensitive stomachs or food allergies can usually handle a dose of fish oil with their meals due to how gentle and tasty the supplement generally is. In the world of nutritional supplements, fish oil should be a no-brainer. Its benefits are incredibly powerful and its downsides almost nonexistent, so there’s no reason not to make it a part of your dog’s daily routine.

As we mentioned, even healthy dogs can benefit from the Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil. It’s always best to talk with your vet when considering changes to your dog’s diet, but fish oil has long been a standard supplement recommended by animal professionals across the globe. Vet Organics has created a premium fish oil product called EcoBalance Skin & Coat formula. You can 

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