Glucosamine for Dogs

Glucosamine for Dogs


EcoBalance Joint Care for Dogs

Glucosamine for  Dogs: Keep Your Pup’s Joints Healthy

Joint issues, including hip dysplasia and arthritis in dogs is a common and devastating affliction that has an immeasurable impact on the way a dog is able to move and live. Advanced arthritis can be damaging to the point of preventing a dog from walking, while more mild versions of the disease can at the very least make it painful for your pup to do the things he likes to do. It is estimated that roughly one in every four dogs will fall victim to arthritis or hip dysplasia — you simply cannot assume that good breeding or low risk factors for your dog will keep him safe from the disease.

On the plus side, there are a couple of ways to keep your dog’s joints healthy, even if he is predisposed to developing joint problems. A good diet (keeping him at the right weight) and lots of low-impact exercise will ensure the muscles around his joints are strong but not fatigued. And there’s also glucosamine, a natural supplement for both humans and dogs than can help strengthen the joints and stave off the advancement of arthritis and hip dysplasia or lessen its symptoms.

About Glucosamine
Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance found in your dog’s body that produces a chemical known as glycosaminoglycan. This chemical is used by the body to repair tissues, with the most common target being the cartilage in your pup’s joints. The older your dog gets, the less efficient his body becomes at producing its own glucosamine, which in turn means his joints receive less glycosaminoglycan. This is a recipe for stress on the joint and the eventual development of degenerative joint disease.

The primary cause of arthritis is wear and tear on your dog’s joints from either physical activity or an underlying health or genetic condition. This wear and tear is limited when the tissues around the joint are able to heal and repair themselves; lowered glucosamine results in a slower, less efficient healing process that in turn yields greater damage to the joint. It is possible that if glucosamine levels were to stay constant in aging dogs, arthritis cases would see a major decrease.

Natural Glucosamine Supplements
Because glucosamine can have such an important function in your dog’s joint health, it is vital that you find a way to make up for its decreased production by adding it to your dog’s diet as he ages. You can find natural glucosamine supplements such as EcoBalance Joint Care Liquid Concentrate for Dogs that can be given in liquid or pill form, and some foods (such as certain Blue Buffalo formulas) include significant portions of glucosamine built right into their nutrition formula.

There are several big benefits to providing your dog with extra glucosamine: It is anti-inflammatory, it helps heal muscles around damaged joints, and it has only extremely rare side effects. While some veterinarians are still on the fence about whether additional glucosamine can have a real impact on a dog’s joint health, what is clear is that providing extra glucosamine will not have any negative affect o the dog, making supplements a win-win scenario for owners concerned about potential arthritis in their pups.


About Arthritis Treatment
Traditional treatment for arthritis includes what are known as NSAIDs, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These include aspirin, ibuprofen, and other common medicines. These medications come with side effects, but most important do not actually help the tissue or cartilage around the joint from healing or taking further damage. Instead, they reduce inflammation and mask the pain. While NSAIDs may indeed be an important part of your dog’s arthritis regimen, remember that they provide no benefit to the raw health of the joint.

Your veterinarian can recommend a specific path of treatment related to your dog, his current arthritis status, and his risk of a worsening condition. Glucosamine is not a one-shot solution for arthritis, just as NSAIDs are not the only treatment option available to dogs experiencing joint pain. Talk to your vet to develop a complete understanding of what will work best for your dog.

Glucosamine can be a powerful ally in strengthening your dog’s joints and ensuring he’s able to lead a long, happy, and active life. It won’t reverse damage already done to joints, but it could help to support the muscles and other tissue around damaged joints to both reduce pain and to increase functionality. Dogs with arthritis will likely need a change in their habits, but glucosamine can help them to run, jump, and play just a little bit longer.

EcoBalance Joint Care Liquid Concentrate for Dogs is the one source of glucosamine you need for your dog. You simply pump EcoBalance into your Dog’s food-one pump per 25 pounds, and all of your dog’s Glucosamine needs will be met. EcoBalance is concentrated, so each bottle contains 118 doses of highly absorbable glucosamine which begins to build up in your dog’s bloodstream almost immediately.  EcoBalance contains only natural and organic ingredients, with nothing artificial ever. Order one today and get your dog the joint support he really needs.

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