Healthy Ears in Your Havanese

Healthy Ears in Your Havanese

If you’re a Havanese owner, you were probably attracted to the breed in part because of its silky coat. And while it’s not as serious as some other medical conditions that affect these sweet dogs—such as cataracts in later years and hyperthyroidism—the Havanese can also tend towards allergies. Allergies combined with that same beautiful coat that is so attractive can cause problems with ear infections in the breed. The profuse growth of hair in the ear of a Havanese makes ear infections more likely than other dogs.

Another trait of these dogs are ears that drop and fold. This ear structure is known to cause a tendency towards canine ear infections, and is common in other breeds with long ears such as the Cocker Spaniel. The breed standard requires that if a Havenese is to be shown, it must be kept untrimmed, except for the allowance of a slight trimming around its feet. Most Havanese owners don’t plan to show their dogs, and many prefer a shorter coat maintained by clipping, rather keeping up with labor-intensive combing. When it comes to grooming, even the inner ears of this breed are attended to, although the method of hair control is by plucking, rather than clipping the hair.

Maintaining Ear Health

As with any dog with dropped ears, the ears must be kept clean to help prevent ear infections. Place a cotton ball gently but firmly inside each ear before bathing your dog to prevent water from entering the inner ear. When grooming, check for bad smells.

If your dog’s ears smell bad, you can suspect an ear infection of some type. Do not try to clean out the ears with Q-tips or other swabs. These can be used to clean the outer grooves of the ear, but are not recommended because a dog could jerk suddenly and irreversible damage could occur to the delicate inner ear, so a tissue or other soft cloth can chase residual dirt or wax in the outer ear grooves. Never insert a swab into your dog’s ear.

Preventing Ear Infections

After bathing is the best time to pluck a few hairs inside the dog’s ears, which will allow the air to circulate and its inner ears to dry out, which will help prevent infection-causing fungus.  Redness, scratching the ears, and smelly ears indicate an infection, which can be treated naturally with essential oils in the proper amounts, combinations and concentrations. Not all essential oils should be used full strength, and some can cause additional irritation. For this reason, many dog owners rely on all-natural EcoEars® Dog Ear Infection Formula for treating existing dog ear infections and preventing their re-occurrence.

When EcoEars is used, symptoms begin to improve in 1-2 days. They will be gone in a few days.

You should continue treatment for a full 10 days.

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