Mange in Dogs and Cats


The All-Natural Mange Solution That Is So Simple and Powerful, It Will Give ANY Pet a Second Chance at Life

“My dog and I suffered with Sarcoptic Mange for months and we had given up hope. We were about to put her down.”

For pet owners that have watched their dog or cat suffer through mange more than once, what I’m about to tell you could save your pet’s life. 

And for pet owners who are seeing mange for the very first time…well, let’s just say that you’ve won the lottery. You’ll never be forced to waste time on countless products that don’t work.  You’ll never have to spend a small fortune at the vet.  You’ll never have to visit the vet at all.

It’s time that my wife and I only wish we could get back. Watching our dog suffer through one bout of mange after another practically brought us to our knees at one point.  No affliction is as terrible to watch your pet go through as mange.  The mangled fur matted with blood, the open sores, the scabs that look like cracked, dry mud.

It’s the stuff of nightmares, made worse by this utterly unbelievable fact: that most vets remain oblivious on how to cure it.  Instead, the symptoms are just kept at bay, held back by chemicals and antibiotics that your pet should have never been given in the first place.



Mange Often Becomes So Entrenched Pet Owners Assume the Only Humane Thing to Do Is Euthanize Their Pet

Maggie, our dog, started showing symptoms of mange in 2000.  I still remember the moment I knew something was wrong.  We had gone to bed and I could hear Maggie’s dog tags shaking uncontrollably in the dark.  It got so bad later on we had to take her collar off at night.

And that was just the beginning of our troubles with mange.

We took Maggie into the vet on the day we found blood on her fur.  She had scratched so hard that hairless patches were forming.  Our vet assumed it was an allergy and prescribed antihistamines and cortisone steroids.  To be safe she had Maggie go on a regiment of antibiotics as well.

We were skeptical from the start. Antihistamines and cortisone steroids?  It didn’t seem right to be giving our dog the same allergy medication we’d use ourselves. But we were so desperate for a solution that we went ahead with the prescriptions.

Within weeks we noticed a change in her quality of life.  Something in this laundry list of possible solutions had worked.  The scratching eventually ceased, the scabs disappeared, and Maggie had her coat back, shiny as ever.

We Didn’t Realize At the Time That We’d Be Fighting Mange for the Next Three Years

Once the mites that cause mange latch onto a host, it becomes almost impossible to destroy them.  We looked at many different options over the next two years, most of which gave Maggie some relief before a flare up began anew.

  • Shampoos that target the mites only go so deep into the skin, never reaching the mite colonies themselves
  • Antihistamines and steroids target the wrong issue entirely: allergies. Some claim that they boost the immune system’s response to the mites but there’s no evidence to back up these claims
  • Antibiotics are difficult to administer and as we can attest, don’t kill off the infestation entirely.

On more than one occasion my wife and I left with three or even FOUR different types of medications.

Think about how crazy this is.  If so many vets are ignorant about what to prescribe a pet even after diagnosing the problem as mange, what does that say about the pharmaceutical companies that come up with cures?  What does that say about the vets?

We discovered antimicrobials by accident.  A friend of the family that suggested we give them a shot, applied as a spray to our dog’s mangy skin.  And because this was an all-natural solution, we didn’t have to worry about our dog ingesting chemicals and steroids should she bite or lick her wounds.

Maggie saw almost immediate remission of her mange.  But that didn’t mean it was gone forever.  Over the next few months we began testing different types of herbs, eventually settling on a unique combination of antimicrobial agents that totally DEFIED our original hopes for the product.  Not only was it working, it was completely eliminating mange for good!

Meet EcoMange: The First Ever All-Natural Mange Formula That Works on ALL Mange-Inducing Mites PLUS Yeast, Bacteria, and Other Parasites

“We tried your dog mange product fully expecting to use your refund guarantee. I’m happy to say your product works great.”

–Per L.

EcoMange by Vet Organics is the FIRST all-natural curative of its kind that completely eliminates both demodectic and sarcoptic mange.  Unlike other mange solutions which only target demodectic mites living in the hair follicles and top layer of skin, EcoMange goes DEEP beneath the skin, killing off sarcoptic mange at its source.

Perhaps even more amazing however, is that EcoMange cures mange WITHOUT the need for antibiotics, steroids, or chemicals of ANY kind.  EcoMange features a unique combination of anti-microbial rich botanicals which rapidly kill mange-causing mites of all types. The results aren’t just faster than most antibiotic cures, they’re more faster than most antibiotic cures, they’re more permanent as well!

EcoMange is the first medicine of its kind to eliminate both the symptoms AND the causes of mange. Because EcoMange lowers the pH levels of the infected area, it helps balance the skin and prevents the spread of the mites and the re-infection later on.  For anyone living in fear that these mites will come back and spread to other pets and even your children, this is cause for serious celebration.

EcoMange has been proven to eliminate red mange, follicular mange, and puppy mange within DAYS of use.  Furthermore, we’ve added additional herbal resources which reduce itching caused by dermal yeast infections, bacterial skin infections, and fungal skin infections.

Even secondary skin infections that your dog may get due to open wounds can be treated with EcoMange!

EcoMange Is the FIRST Touchless Formula to Work on ALL Forms of Painful, Itchy Mange

It May be the Easiest and Simplest Solution for Mange EVER Invented

Any pet owner that has suffered through a mange infection knows how disgusting it is.  The scabs are gray and caked over with pus.  The skin is matted with dried blood.  And it’s very likely that open wounds are present in the infected area.

If your pet’s mange hasn’t gotten to this point yet, count yourself lucky, and do yourself a HUGE favor by stopping the mange before it reaches this point.

Because once your pet does reach an advanced stage of mange, applying a gel or even trying to hold your dog while you give her a pill is out of the question. You don’t want to get anywhere near her.  Your dog effectively becomes a leper in her own home, unable to help herself, and you unable to help her.

“My poor dog would chew her fur day and night. The poor thing lived in an Elizabethan collar for months! I have spent hundreds of dollars at the vet, used pills, drops…literally anything I could find. After the first couple of applications, I saw a difference. No more chewing and scratching her skin!!!”

—Eva B.

EcoMange changes all this.  Simply spray your dog with EcoMange once every other day in the infected spots, and then once a week going forward as the mange begins to clear away.  No putting on gloves to rub in messy gels on scabby skin, no long shampoo baths, no holding your dog down to slip her pills.

You don’t even have to rinse your dog before applying EcoMange.  While we do recommend a bath for her during the process, it isn’t necessary for EcoMange to work.

Get Vet-Trusted Mange Relief without EVER Leaving Your Home to Visit the Vet

And Use the Money You Save to Pamper Your Pup!

We know firsthand how expensive mange can be for pet owners.

On our first visit alone, we paid for two separate lab tests (both tests were for allergies and came back negative, go figure) and THREE different treatments, including the antibiotics.  When it was all said and done, that first vet visit was $496 dollars.  Over the next three years, we’d drop over two thousand dollars trying to cure our dog of mange.

You won’t have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars finding a cure for your pet’s mange.  You won’t even have to set up an appointment and head down to the clinic.  EcoMange arrives at your doorstep in days, and cures your dog just days later.

What Would Your Friend Say if She Could Speak?  If She Could Ask You for Help?

I know you have a little Maggie of your own.  I know she feels like this is how it is, that she needs to live with the pain forever.

But you know better.  You know she doesn’t have to live with it.  She could be feeling like her normal self by TOMORROW.  And it requires no awful car ride to the vet, no one touching around her wounds, no more being held down while you try to give her another pill.

She’ll just be at home, with you, the person she trusts most in this world.

More importantly, she’ll be free of pain, free to be her old self again.

I know you’ve felt helpless up to now.  But if you’re here, looking for a solution, then it means you WANT to help your friend.

And I want to help you help her.

Thousands of Dogs Have Found Relief with EcoMange

By Tomorrow, Your Dog Could Be One of Them

Thousands of dog owners have used EcoMange to effectively eliminate mange from their dogs and cats.  Like you, they were skeptical of another mange product.  They had been burned before by antibiotics and allergy tests that went nowhere.

“Within minutes of spraying it on, we could tell we found something good. Our dog is fully healed and his fur has completely grown back.” — Ashraf R.

EcoMange’s unique approach has been proven effective time and again.  Every day, another pet owner discovers EcoMange.  And they cure their pets without having to touch or interact with the sores in ANY way.These animals are in sore need of help.  They may believe they have to accept their suffering.  But you’re about to prove them wrong.

EcoMange Is Like Giving Your Dog Three Skin Medications in One—But You Won’t Pay the Price of Three Skin Medications.  You Won’t Even Pay the Price of One!

We’re Currently Selling EcoMange for Just $21.88 Plus $2.99 Shipping and Handling!

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Just two sprays in the infected areas every other day for a week, and then once a week on the infected areas for a month.  Within ONE month the mange will be gone, never to return! Just remember to disinfect all of your dog’s old bedding (it may infest other pets in your house later on!)

We believe in our product and we know it’s going to help your pet live a life free of painful sores and scratching.  We believe in it so much, we invite you to take our official mange challenge!

We are so happy and grateful for your natural spray cure. It worked like magic. We will always keep an extra bottle around “just in case.”-Brandy M., Hamilton, Ohio

We Believe In Our Product and We Love Our Pricing

But We Wanted Even MORE Value—Something That No One Else In Our Industry Is Offering:

So we decided on this PERMANENT guarantee:

“If EcoMange Doesn’t Kill Any Infection, Infestation, or Rash in 10 Days, OR If You’re Unsatisfied for ANY Reason for Up to ONE FULL YEAR, Contact Us for a FULL REFUND”

(No questions asked, no annoying surveys, no customer service calls—just simple cash back for up to ONE FULL YEAR after your purchase!!!)


EcoMange has helped THOUSANDS of dogs find relief from MAJOR skin issues.  And many of these dogs never ONCE had to set paw into a veterinary clinic!

Now, we want YOUR dog to get better again, in the comfort of his own home, with as little discomfort and fear as possible. And it’s easier than ever to do with EcoMange!

No More Pain, No More Itching and Scratching—Just Relief That Lasts a Lifetime.

Give Your Best Friend the Relief She Deserves.  Order TODAY and Start Your Pet on the Road to Recovery.


Choose the brand that has cured THOUSANDS of animals of their mange for GOOD.

To your animal’s health and happiness,