Dog and Cat Mange Infections

Dog and Cat Mange Infections

Mange Mites Are Especially Tough To Get Rid Of. That’s Why There’s EcoMange.

Specially Formulated to Help Dogs and Cats with Sarcoptic and Demodectic Mange Infections and Scabies

After applying EcoMange to your dog’s affected skin infection area, expect to see: 

  • No more skin chewing and scratching; no more bloody, red skin wounds.
  • Restoration of the dog’s hair as the healthy skin is rejuvenated.
  • Pain and discomfort gone within days.

Dear Dog Lover,

Like many of our all-natural products, EcoMange wasn’t initially formulated for commercial production. No, it was created out of a necessity to help a family member’s four-legged fur baby in need…

Maggie was a beautiful black and white cocker spaniel. Although she passed away over a decade ago, we still remember her loving warmth at the front doorstep whenever one of us would come home.

Most days, that is. Except one day, her usually jovial greeting wasn’t there. In fact, she seemed to be quiet, as if in pain.

Then the itching started.
Then self-inflicted biting.
And finally howling in pain.

It was just tragic to witness.

The emergency trip to the vet supplied us with antihistamines and cortisone steroids. They didn’t work.

We then received antibiotics and insecticidal shampoos, again to no benefit of poor Maggie, whose condition was clearly worsening.

After we finally stopped relying on the vet and did our own research, the cause of the problem surfaced: Sarcoptic mange. A highly resistant infection that most skin infection treatments for dogs just don’t touch.

The Birth of EcoMange, the Sarcoptic Mange Eradicater

An all-natural product, EcoMange contains the necessary ingredients to ward off infections caused by sarcoptic or demodectic (demodex) mange mites.

Thanks to Maggie’s past success with the spray, we began to release EcoMange to the public when we saw how common the problem was.

Thousands of dogs have since been cleared of skin mites, sarcoptic mange, demodectic mange, skin yeast infections, fungus and other types of hot spots and sores using this formula.

But long before that, the animal scientists and other professionals responsible for the development and safety standards of EcoMange gave the thumbs up. Here’s why:

The broad-spectrum difference

EcoMange acts as a broad spectrum disinfectant. This means that it guards against secondary skin infections that often occur, as the skin is in a weakened state while main treatment is acting on the skin.

With EcoMange, you can be sure that the dog’s mange infection will not be replaced by another one. Very few other Mange infection options on the market can say the same thing, as their sole purpose is insecticidal.

Easy to apply: housed in a touchless spray bottle, all you need to do is spray it on (making sure it penetrates to the skin) and let it dry.

Get EcoMange for a Fraction of the Price of a Vet Visit

As we found out when taking vet Maggie to the vet, the visit alone can easily cost $60 or more. And then paying for a series of prescription products isn’t cheap either.

But EcoMange is only $21.88 + $2.99 flat-rate shipping to anywhere in the US.

Order Now

“EcoMange Works or Your Money Back”EcoMange was built to do one thing and one thing only: naturally solve the issues of mange mites on dogs and cats. At this point there’s no question it does its job. It’s been used on thousands of dogs successfully.

But every now and then, mites are not the cause of the itching. In these cases, other treatment is needed. That’s why we offer a full money-back guarantee in case the product doesn’t work for you.

This is an unconditional offer and we don’t ask any questions, we just issue your refund promptly and with a smile. We hope that this ironclad service and product support will give you the confidence to help your dog get over his mange infection with our product.