What You Need to Know About Smelly Cat Ears

What You Need to Know About Smelly Cat Ears

Q: What does it mean to have smelly cat ears?

A: Smelly cat ears are one of the most common symptoms of an ear infection.

Every day, 1000’s of pet owners become aware that their cat has smelly ears. It’s easy to treat them. Here’s what you need to know:

If you bent over to pet your cat and noticed your cat has smelly ears—and possibly other related symptoms including itchy, or dirty/gunky ears, your cat has a common ear infection.

Cat ear infections like this are one of the most common reasons for vet visits for cats. They are not dangerous, but they need to be treated before they get worse.

You basically have two options:
1. Go to the vet for professional treatment; or
2. Treat it yourself at home quickly and easily in just 2 minutes per day.

If you are leaning towards option 2, we can help. EcoEars works quickly and gently and is extremely effective and easy to use. By formulating EcoEars with a broad spectrum of powerful natural ingredients–with each one targeting specific infections–we have created a product which is effective on the vast majority of smelly cat ears and the underlying infections.

EcoEars has been used on many cats whose smelly ears were caused by mites, yeast infections, and a wide range of bacterial infections. In addition to killing parasites and bacteria, EcoEars lowers the pH in your cat’s ear slightly which makes the ear environment far less susceptible to recurring infections. And the herbal smell is perfect for smelly ears.

When you use EcoEars, you’ll notice the smelly cat ears begin to improve in 1-2 days and be gone in a few days. (You should always continue treatment for a full 10 days.) Will it work? It is extremely likely. If EcoEars does not work for your cat, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked.

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