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Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for Apartment Living | Vet Organics

Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for Apartment Living


Living in an apartment means living within a limited space. But apartment living does not mean that having a canine companion is impractical or is going to be difficult. After all, not all dog breeds are created the same. Some breeds do not demand high levels of physical exertion. In fact, there are many breeds that don't need as much access to the great outdoors as other breeds to lead happy and healthy lives. 

So we need not deprive ourselves of the joys of having our own furry best friend just because we live in an apartment. Here's a list of dog breeds that are perfect for apartment living. 

Before we dive in, we better think about the life we can give our pup in an apartment setting. Can we give them exercise every single day? Even though some of these breeds may only need 30-minutes, some people have difficulty getting out and about for even 15-minutes. Play is difficult from exercise. If we can’t afford 20-minutes to an hour each and every day to play with our pup, we may not be cut out to be a quality guardian until our lifestyle circumstances change. Do we have a regular schedule? For most dogs, we are the only interactions and affection they see. If we can’t keep our pup to a regular eat, play, rest, companion schedule, we may want to wait until we can give our pup a life that will be satisfying rather than lonely and filled with uncertainty about when they’ll eat, or when they’ll see us next. 

Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for Apartment Living | Vet OrganicsLastly, we need to make sure we keep our pup healthy. That means quality food, treats, and supplements. Commercial pet food is not always easily digested, and many dogs and cats lack the essential digestive enzymes that allow them to get the full nutritional benefit of their food. If your dog suffers from loose stools, diarrhea, gas, constipation, poor skin or hair condition, or lack of energy, it’s likely he’s not properly digesting his food. EcoDigestive probiotic and enzyme support formula improves your pet’s digestion and the absorption of nutrients in his diet.

Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for Apartment Living | Vet Organics

Dog breeds for apartment living


For physically active apartment dwellers, the basenji will make an ideal pet. They are small enough to live in an apartment, rarely bark, and do require regular and strenuous exercise as they were originally bred to hunt. A basenji needs both constant physical and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. 

Bichon Frise

An unbearably cute ball of fur, the bichon frise is easy to please. Aside from being a small and adorable furry package, they are also well-mannered. They make an ideal best bud for children because they are gentle and sweet. This curly-haired beauty also does not shed. Short and simple exercises are enough to keep them calm and happy while hanging out with their indoor humans. 

Boston Terrier

Like other terrier breeds, the Boston terrier is known for barking a lot, but he's also fairly easy to train and discipline. Petite and with a puppy face even as adults, they love being in the company of humans and even other animals. They are fun and playful and only need a half-hour of play and exercise each day to give them the stimulation they need. This little burst of daily energy each day will help them stay quieter longer. 

Cocker Spaniel

A cocker spaniel is a great dog to have whether we are living alone or have a family with kids. This breed is sweet, loving, and playful. They do need regular exercise to tire them out, but they're not as physically demanding as other active dog breeds. Cocker spaniels are not barkers, so we won't have to worry about our neighbors complaining about a noisy pet.  


A canine breed fit for royalty, the corgi will also be perfectly happy living within the limited confines of an apartment. Their unique shape - short legs and long body - and their beautiful, thick hair make them irresistibly cuddlesome. They are on the bigger side of small dog breeds, and they are energetic, so they will need to be walked regularly. Corgis are also barkers, but can be trained to bark as alert dogs, rather than just noise-makers.

Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for Apartment Living | Vet Organics


Fondly referred to as a Weiner dog because of its elongated body paired with stumpy legs, dachshunds are great cuddle buddies, especially for kids. They are fun-loving and playful, and so will need daily playtime and walks. They bark occasionally, but they are generally a well-mannered breed. 

French Bulldog

Also called a Frenchie, this adorable breed with a face that has a naturally pleading look is great for an apartment because of their small size. Plus, taking care of them is a breeze because they are inherently laid-back and mostly quiet. They only need a short walk or two every day for exercise, and then they'll be happy just lounging in the apartment for the rest of the day.

Italian Greyhound

Just like its bigger relative, the greyhound, the Italian greyhound is slender and fast. So they'll be a great canine companion for runners; their small size also makes them ideal pets for an apartment. Once they've spent their energy, an Italian greyhound is a sweet and loving pet that enjoys cuddling with their human. 

Miniature Schnauzer

With its furry and bearded face and pocket-size, the miniature schnauzer is a popular pet for apartment living. Their gentle and loving nature makes them ideal companions for children and the elderly. They are relaxed most of the day, as long as they get their once-a-day walk and playtime, but they are also very alert and make great watchdogs. 

Yorkshire Terrier

Also, fondly referred to as a Yorkie, this terrier breed is known for its cute size and looks that packs a lot of noise and energy. They easily get excited and will yap at almost anything. Again, simple, daily exercise is vital to keep our Yorkie healthy and content. Yorkshire Terriers are also hypoallergenic, making the perfect breed for humans who are prone to allergies. 

Apartment living does not always mean that we are limited to small dog breeds. Similarly, not all small dog breeds will make suitable pets for an apartment. If we can afford to spend a few hours each day outside with our furry buddy, then we can opt for a dog breed that is physically demanding. Our lifestyle is also an essential factor to consider when choosing the right kind of dog. And as much as possible, let us adopt and not shop.


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