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Top Cat Breeds for Families with Kids

Adding a cat to the family is a great way to teach our kids compassion, responsibility, and communication. It’s also a way to contribute to our community in a meaningful way. Learn more here about the benefits of cat guardianship and breeds that may be better for family life.  

Health Risks for Overweight Cats

Just like all of us, being overweight or obese can have serious health consequences for cats. Being fluffy and round may make them look adorable, but there is nothing delightful about deteriorating health. If we neglect to address their weight problem, we'll put our sweet kitty at risk. Here's what we all need to know. 

Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for Apartment Living

Living in an apartment means living within a limited space. But apartment living does not mean that having a canine companion is impractical or is going to be difficult. Find out which breeds are best in order to lead happy and healthy lives. 

Transitioning Fido to New Food

Does Fido have new dietary requirements or other reasons to change to new food. A new formula can create all kinds of digestive discomfort, and can even cause allergic reactions. Learn how to avoid the worst and give Fido a comfortable transition to his new food. 

Planning is Key: How To Prepare For A Lost Cat Scenario

Sometimes, a lot cat is just plain unavoidable. Luckily, there’s so much we can do if we just take a little time to prepare. Take a look at this preparedness guide for pro tips and best practices every guardian should know, but often only have a piece. 

When Cats Throw Up

Cats may end up with digestive upset, but how can we tell when vomiting is caused by a minor digestive upset or a serious illness? Refer to this quick reference guide for answers.

Pee-yew! Why Does Kitty’s Breath Stink?

One of the best things about being guardian to a kitty fur baby is their obsessive need to groom themselves, which makes them more low-maintenance than most dogs. But cats can't do much for themselves if they get bad breath. So, if we notice our kitty has bad breath, should we be worried? Find out here. 

The Right Amount Of Exercise For Your Dog’s Size, Part Three

Every dog needs at least 30 minutes of fun, engaging, playful activity per day. Just like humans, there are a lot of factors that come into play when we’re designing the right exercise regime for our pets. Learn some of the surprising ways your dog's size matters in their exercise routine.

Overcoming Canine Cabin Fever

When extreme winter weather means our canine has to be confined indoors for days, how do we deal with the inevitable cabin fever? We may be content to cuddle up next to a roaring fire with a good book and a snuggly fur-baby, but for our canine companions daytime is for playtime.

Rapamycin - Improve Your Aging Dog’s Health and Increase His Lifespan

We do our best to make sure that they remain as healthy and happy as possible during their last years. But what if we can give them a pill that can both increase their lifespan and improve their health even in their later years? This is the potential that Rapamycin offers.

Safe Thanksgiving Feasts for Cats and Dogs

Thanksgiving is here - the feast of all feasts to most! It’s one of those rare occasions when we can allow ourselves a day of indulgent eating. When Fido gives us that adorable, pleading look, or when kitty purrs and rubs her face against our leg, here's how we can answer with a delectable treat.

Animal Pain Awareness Month: Recognizing the Signs

  September is animal pain awareness month. Why? Because animals don’t express pain the same way humans do. This month is an opportunity to learn m...

Digestive Problems In Dogs

From booty-scooting to diarrhea, all of us have seen our fair share of digestive issues. Fortunately, we’re not powerless in the battle against gastrointestinal upsets. Read this exploration of common canine digestive issues, their causes, and what us doggy guardians can do to stop them.

The Beginner’s Guide to Pet Probiotics

If commercials were anything to go by, probiotics might just stop global warming. While there is a lot of marketing hype, there is also compelling research showing that probiotics might be beneficial to the gut. Let’s explore this growing class of supplements, their benefits, and a few cautions. Plus, we’ll take a look at EcoDigestive, a probiotic and enzyme support formula for pet digestion.

Table Scraps Pets Cannot Have, Part Two

Part One of this list is found HERE. The following list is a continuation of the most common people foods pets really can’t have.

Table Scraps Pets Cannot Have, Part One

We all remember the rule of thumb that pets just shouldn’t have people food. Pets get pet food.  This is a helpful list of the most common people foods pets really can’t have.

What To Watch For When Adopting A Cat

Adoption is a big deal.  For many, the toughest part is deciding which animal has the makings for the best companion. Here are some of the top tips we should all consider when choosing to add a new cat- or -canine companion to our homes and families.

End-of-Life Care And The Tough Choices, Part One

We need to talk about something kind of sensitive. Our fur-babies are such an important part of the family, but we all know the day is coming when they’ll cross the rainbow. While it may be a difficult one, the conversation about end of life care is one we should all have.

The New Kitten Checklist

Getting a new kitten can be one of the most entertaining and exciting times for a cat guardian. The cuteness factor can put us on overload and, if we’re new to cat-guardianship, the learning curve can be intensive. Cat companions can also be expensive and a little overwhelming if we aren’t planning ahead. Here’s a list of kitty essentials for every forever home.

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