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Dog-Friendly Retail Chains: Some May Surprise You | Vet Organics

Dog-Friendly Retail Chains: Some Of These May Surprise You


The holiday season is shopping season - ‘tis the season for gift-giving, after all! While summer may still be nipping at our heels, the coming weeks and months may see us spending hours on end shopping not just for gifts, but also for decorations and food. This means having to leave our furry best friends at home longer - or does it? Luckily for our Fidos and Lassies, more and more retail chains are opening their doors to pups.

What can be more fun than going shopping with our BFF (best furry friend)? Afterall, 94% of pet guardians understand their dog is a family member. What could be more natural than to bring Fido along, as long we are respectful of the boundaries of our fellow shoppers? In many countries, puppers are allowed to shop as regular guests, without question. Here’s a list of retail chains that are more than happy to include our furkids in the holiday spirit.

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Dog-Friendly Retail Chains: Some May Surprise You | Vet Organics


Barnes & Noble

Peruse the bookshelves of Barnes & Noble with your pooch, and you can even sit and read together inside this popular bookstore chain, too! However, they do not allow dogs inside their on-site coffee shops. 

Half Price Books

Most of this book retailer’s branches allow dogs inside the bookstore. Dogs have to always be on a leash, and the owners have to make sure they are well-behaved. 

Department Stores and Clothing Stores

Abercrombie & Fitch

For your 90s fashion needs, your furry pal can tag along when you shop at A&F. You might even want to get his approval on your choices. 

Ann Taylor/Ann Taylor LOFT

All branches of both stores gladly welcome dogs. Just make sure your BFF is on her most ladylike behavior. 


Chic and dog-friendly, Bloomingdale’s welcome dogs as long as they’re on a leash. Their on-site restaurants, however, do not.


If your furkid is comfortable being among a big crowd, then you can let him tag along when you roam around Macy’s. The famous department store has an open policy for dogs, as confirmed by numerous shoppers. 

Old Navy

An all-time favorite, this retail clothing store is also a big dog lover! Fido will definitely enjoy the big space as you check out the merchandise - just make sure he’s on a leash. 


For holiday gifts that won’t break the bank, you’ll find a wide selection at Ross Dress for Less Department Store. Pets are welcome in all locations, and you will want to bring Fido so he can also check out stuff from the store’s pet section. 

Urban Outfitter

With their big and industrial-style spaces, this trendy retail store is a great place to go holiday shopping with Fido. 

Dog-Friendly Retail Chains: Some May Surprise You | Vet Organics

Beauty, Personal Care, & General Retails Stores

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works has a scent for every special person in your life, and they offer the most delicious-smelling products. Even better, they love dogs!


All the makeup a girl could want in one place - the world’s largest beauty retailer, Sephora. Their stores are dog-friendly, according to shoppers, so you’ll have a fabulous reason to get Fifi all dolled up when you take her on a makeup shopping spree.  

Jewelry Stores

Tiffany & Co.

If diamonds are your best friend, but only next to your beloved dog, then bring her along when you go shopping for the little blue box. Tiffany & Co. VP Jonathan Bruckner says, “We love dogs!” One more reason for us to love this jewelry store!

Home Furnishing and Retail Stores

Bed, Bath, & Beyond

They know what’s best for homes, and this includes our beloved pets. All their US locations are “beyond dog-friendly” - they ensure that you and your furry pal will have a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience when you visit.

Home Depot

With everything you need for your home and your pet under one roof, all Home Depot locations across the US have a dog-friendly policy. Just keep in mind that they also have strict rules about keeping dogs on a short leash and making sure that they do not bother other shoppers. 

Pottery Barn

For beautifully crafted, high-end home furnishings, Pottery Barn is a well-known brand. Dogs are more than welcome but, of course, you have to make sure they keep off the furniture.

Dog-Friendly Retail Chains: Some May Surprise You | Vet Organics

Arts and Crafts Stores


There’s no better place to shop for your holiday stationery and greeting cards than Hallmark. And shoppers have confirmed that dogs can go shopping there, too. 


For all your art and crafting needs, Michael’s is your one-stop-shop. And their Facebook page says that all pets are welcome! 

Recreational and Sporting Goods Stores


For all things athletic, Academy Sports + Outdoors has you covered. Not all locations allow pets, so find out beforehand if you can bring Fido to your local branch. 

Gander Outdoors

Shopping for hunting stuff for a special man in your life? Perhaps your pooch can help you choose when you visit Gander Outdoors, where all pets are welcome!

Our dogs will enjoy spending more time with us when we take them holiday shopping, and the experience can certainly be a happy one for them! Let’s just remember to be more mindful of their behavior, especially among big crowds as this could make them anxious. And we should make sure that they are always on a leash and are well-behaved.


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