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Indoor Cats Get Cabin Fever, Too

Months of severe weather often leave us and our pets with no choice but to stay indoors, and our cats are just as likely to suffer from cabin fever as we are. What can we do to help them cope during this period? Keep reading for sound, vet-approved advice on how to quell kitty cabin fever

Creating A Sustainable, Zero-Waste Life with Your Pet

Living a more sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle is no easy task. Creating a zero-waste life with your pet can be one of the small steps you take towards significantly reducing your carbon footprint. It is possible to be a pet guardian and still be environmentally-friendly. Learn more here. 

Adventure Cats Gone Wild, Part 2

It is a curiosity that cats are rarely considered the ideal choice by adventurous folks. There are, in fact, cats with adventurous purr-sonalities who will enjoy the outdoors as much as we do. Learn how to choose, train, and venture into the great outdoors with your adventure cat. 

Adventure Cats Gone Wild, Part 1

  Outdoorsy folks might be surprised to find that their spirit animal can take the form of a cat. If we find a cat with the right temperament for o...

Are You Stressing Your Dog Out?

Stressed dogs don’t get the benefit of taking themselves out for a lovely hike or a bit of yoga. So, let’s take a look at what stresses our dogs out, how to recognize when they are feeling stressed, and what we can do to help them.

Dog-Friendly Retail Chains: Some Of These May Surprise You

What can be more fun than going shopping with our BFF (best furry friend)? Afterall, 94% of pet guardians understand their dog is a family member.  Checkout this list of retail chains that are more than happy to include our furkids in the shopping experience. 

How to Stop a Dog From Chewing

Dog chewing is bad behavior that needs to be curbed as early as possible. The behavior begins during puppyhood when our adorable and young canine is teething. Chewing is also a way for him to entertain himself, and to explore and get to know his environment. Find out how to curb chewing behavior. 

What to Know About Separation Anxiety and Dogs

Understanding why our furry friends experience separation anxiety is not a complex mystery, but being aware of the condition will allow us to address it appropriately. Learn the ways to identify whether your dog is suffering from separation anxiety and what to do to help your canine companion. 

Scratch This, Not That! How to Train Kitty to Use Her Scratching Post

Cats need to scratch. It's a fact of life that we need to accept when we live with a feline. We do not have to accept it, though, when Kitty leaves her claw marks on all the furniture. But what if she adamantly refuses to use her scratching post? Let's take a look at the reasons she needs to scratch and how we can help redirect her attention to the right places for scratching.

Purr-ific Books For Cat Lovers

There are hundreds of books all about cats. Here’s our list of some of the best cat-based books all about cat care, and what to expect when we want a feline-friendly home. 

How To Take Perfect Insta-Worthy Pet Photos, Part Two

Taking pictures can be pretty fun and satisfying. Taking great pictures of our fur babies is even better. Learn tips from the pros and get those insta-worthy pics. 

How To Take Perfect Insta-Worthy Pet Photos, Part One

Instagram is such a big part of many pet guardian’s lives, we’ve decided to add a two-part series to our site as a resource for those seeking the best advice on building an Insta-worthy gallery of their fur babies. Read here for the best equipment recommendations and beginner's guide.

How To Find A Lost Indoor Cat

One of the worst feelings in the world is the moment we realize our indoor cat got out, and we can’t find them. Before we fly into a panic, know that the odds are on our side, but only if we know how and where to look. It’s more than posting flyers and hoping for the best. Learn more here. 

More Pawsome Pet-Friendly Movies

Some movies are just too dog-gone good to be enjoyed alone. Here are some pet-friendly movies the whole fur-family will love.

Nuts for Dogs - Toxic And Vet-Approved Varieties

We are nuts for dogs! When it comes to their diets, some nuts are okay. Some are just plain toxic. Learnt he different and find out what to do when your dog ingests the wrong food. 

Taking Fido to a Wedding? Here's What You Need To Know

Whether we’re the ones getting married, or we’re attending a dog-friendly wedding, there are just a few factors to consider. Learn how to keep your canine companion wedding-friendly with this guide. Hint: It involves more than putting an adorable bot-tie on him. 

Cool Catnip Facts

Who loves the excitement that comes with watching their cat respond to catnip?  Some get playful and happy, making it a great tool to encourage exercise and playtime. Some become more sedated and seem to enjoy a calm sense of contentment. Because it’s the most popular herb for cats, worldwide, we’re sharing some fun facts about catnip.

Do Cats Cry? What Do Their Tears Mean?

Cat behavior remains one of the universe’s greatest mysteries, even though we have seen great leaps and bounds in kitty behavioral science.  When they make crying sounds or are teary-eyed, are they really crying? Find out here.

What You Need To Know About Dogs And Motion Sickness, Part Two

Yes, dogs end up with motion sickness more often than many guardians realize. That queasy, restless feeling isn’t pleasant for anyone. And our fur babies don’t have the ability to take a quick dramamine. For the best tried-and-true ways to cure motion sickness in dogs, learn more here.

The Slow Blink - What It Means And How To Return Cat Affection

Cats talk to us all the time and in many different ways. They show a range of emotions, make demands, and train us with body language, sounds, and more. Learn all about the most coveted of the cat messages here.

The Right Amount of Exercise for Fido’s Breed, Part One

Being highly intelligent and needing lots of stimulation and activity is just in their genes. Take a look at what it means to be a high-energy dog breed. 

Going on a Road Trip with Fido, Part 2

Road trip season is here! Learn everything you need to consider so travels and adventures with Fido are a bonding experience that builds lifelong memories for everyone, including the canine companion co-pilot. Read more to find out how to prep, ride, and enjoy the road together. 

Road Tripping With Your Dog, Part 1

Hitting the road with your canine for a road trip, a lifestyle, or something else, should be safe and enjoyable for both of you. This is especially true if it’s his first road trip, creating a great experience for Fido will make the next ones always delightful for everyone. Read this for the best tips and advice.

What is Your Pooch Trying To Tell You?

One of the most sociable pets, dogs live for their guardian’s attention. Developing a close connection with Fido requires establishing effective communication. However, their body language says a lot more about their emotional state. Learn more here.

What Is Kitty Trying To Tell You?

Why did you get a cat? To please and serve, of course! But the only way you can be the best human subject to your royal feline is if you can actually understand what she’s trying to tell you. Learn what your cat is trying to tell you from Vet Organics.

Navigating Air Travel with Dogs and Cats

Pets on planes are becoming more common these days. To make travel hassle- and stress-free for both ourselves and our pets, as well as our co-travelers, here are the most important preparations and regulations you’ll need to be familiar with. Click to learn all you need to know about pets and travel.

Telling Our Cats We Love Them

Whether we are first-time cat guardians, long-time feline friends, or we aren’t a cat guardian, but the people around us, like family, roommates, and friends, have brought cats into our lives, everyone can learn something about how to tell our cats we love them in ways they can understand.

How Playtime Shapes a Cat's Life

Playtime is vital to a cat’s life. Learn more about what playtime means to a cat’s health and wellness, and how to integrate the right kinds of play into any cat companion’s days.

How Playtime Shapes a Dog’s Life

All bark and no play makes Fido a dull boy. Playtime is not just about the fun. It’s as important to our canine companions quality of life as it is to ours. Learn more about playtime and what it really means to Fido's health and wellbeing.

Housetraining Kittens: It’s Easier Than You Think

When we train them early enough, and with the right support, Ms. Fuzzy Boots can be potty-trained after just a few tries. Learn more about kitten training with this step-by-step guide and pro tips.

7 Ways to Get Fit with Fido

Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways dog guardians can turn those fading resolutions into habits that will last all year, with the help of our loyal, best beastie.

Can Animals Really Smell Your Fear?

Can animals really smell our fear? The short answer is yes, but read along to find out more, including how to introduce yourself to an animal, even though you may be fearful or uncertain.

Kitty’s New Year’s Resolutions

This year, we’re sharing some of the resolutions Miss Kitty Fantastico has so her guardians can reward good behavior, reinforce good behavior, and get her to show more of her warm, fuzzy side. Learn how to help your cat keep her New Year's resolutions this year. 

Teach Your Old Dog New Tricks - Tips To Train Your Senior Dog

That old adage, “you can’t train an old dog to do new tricks” couldn’t be further from the truth. Get ready for some major myth-busting because senior dogs are experienced canine companions with so much to offer.

Holiday Pet Picture Tips For Photos You And Your Pet Can Be Proud Of

How can so many people can end up with amazing dog and kitty Instagram accounts when we can’t even get our pet to sit still for a 10-second holiday snap. Here are nine tips we can use to ensure our holiday pet photos are picture perfect.

A Guide to Dog Treats Part One: Varieties and Purposes

As pet guardians, we have a hard time not caving in to those puppy dog eyes. But, picking the right treat can be pretty overwhelming. In this two-part series, we’ll explore the dangers of treat giving and lay down some guidelines to help confused canine guardians select the right treats for our fur babies.

Orange Cats Of The World - Unite! For Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Every September first is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day! This year we are celebrating by sharing facts, figures, and other fun tidbits about tabbies you probably didn’t know! Find out more here. 

More Essential Commands To Teach Your Dog

Being able to take our pups with us on excursions and adventures with the confidence that they can listen and follow directions is invaluable.  This is the second installment which focuses on the next set of essential commands our dogs can benefit from.

Canine Fitness Month: Exercises Anyone Can Do

April is National Canine Fitness Month.  And because not all of us can move with ease, plus some of us have senior dogs who need gentle activities, we’ve included games and exercise ideas that will get the blood pumping and release those endorphins, without requiring great physical strain.

Essential Commands to Teach Your Dog

Having a well-trained dog is not only important for safety on walks and a healthy family life. It’s an important part of having a healthy, happy relationship with our canine companion. Just a few, basic commands can make the difference between a stressful interaction and a calm, well-adjusted moment. Plus, the act of training our dog can help head off behavioral problems before they develop..

The New Puppy Checklist

Getting a new puppy can be fun and exciting and plenty of cuteness overload. But puppies can also be expensive, overwhelming, and kinda messy. Here’s a list of puppy essentials for every forever home.

National Love Your Pet Day

February is a time for showing those we love that they are important to us. National Love Your Pet Day is perfect for showing our fur-babies we love them. This year our celebration falls on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018.

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