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More Pawsome Pet-Friendly Movies | Vet Organics

More Pawsome Pet-Friendly Movies


Sometimes, there’s nothing better than settling into a comfy chair with our kitty on our lap or our pup by our side to watch a good movie. Some movies are just too dog-gone good to be enjoyed alone. Here are some pet-friendly movies the whole fur-family will love. For those who missed the first installment, check out part one, “Pawsome Pet-Friendly Movies.”




More Pawsome Pet-Friendly Movies | Vet Organics

Marley & Me (2008) - 7 Paws

This laugh-out-loud and tug-at-your-heartstrings flick is on most pet-lovers’ list of favorite pet movies of all time! The story of Marley is based on the bestselling book of the same title, which tells how this adorable but mischievous Labrador Retriever changed the lives of husband and wife John and Jennifer Grogan. From his puppy years and all the way through his adult life, Marley never learns the meaning of discipline, constantly wreaking havoc in his humans’ daily lives and forever imprinting his loyalty and affection on their hearts. There’s plenty of laughter to be had when fur families watch this movie, but you’ll also be burying your face and holding your pups tighter during the movie’s most heartbreaking scene.


More Pawsome Pet-Friendly Movies | Vet Organics

Hotel for Dogs (2009) - 6 Paws

If creating a shelter for all strays is your dream, then you and your pet will go gaga over this film, which “employed” 70 dogs to play strays, with most of them being real-life rescues! Both kids and kids-at-heart who want to adopt every single dog in every single shelter they visit will enjoy the story of siblings Andi and Bruce, who turn a local, abandoned hotel into - you guessed it - a hotel for dogs! While the local pound is increasingly mystified at the dwindling numbers of strays, the neighbors are increasingly becoming suspicious of all the ruckus and barks coming from the supposedly empty hotel. With the help of their kind-hearted social worker, their inventive imagination, and their eager furry friends, Andi and Bruce - who are “strays” themselves - find a forever home for everybody!


More Pawsome Pet-Friendly Movies | Vet Organics

Air Bud (1997) - 7 Paws

If your own furry buddy loves to play sports or any game that involves balls, Air Bud will be a sure hit! The movie might get him really excited, however, which means you might get some exercise while watching and trying to keep him still! Air Bud was based on the real story of a stray dog from the Sierra Nevada mountains and befriended by a boy who was still grieving his father’s death. 12-year-old Josh names the dog Buddy, and he soon discovers that the golden retriever has serious basketball skills. With Buddy’s help, Josh gets into his school’s basketball team, and Buddy becomes the team mascot. Buddy’s amazing talent on the court gets him a lot of attention, which, unfortunately, draws his scheming former owner out of the shadows.


More Pawsome Pet-Friendly Movies | Vet Organics

Best in Show (2000) - 8 Paws

It’s the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show - the most elite event for show dog owners. The movie follows the crazy and desperate antics of the show dogs’ owners in their attempt to nab the top prize. It takes a stab at some nutty human behaviors in contrast with the dogged discipline (pun intended) of their pets. Perhaps your pooch will give you some knowing looks while watching it with you!


More Pawsome Pet-Friendly Movies | Vet Organics

Balto (1995) - 7 Paws

This is a story of heroism involving a mixed-breed canine. Balto is a wolf-husky mix, and he is tasked to lead a team across 600 miles of Alaskan wilderness to retrieve medical supplies that will help stop a diphtheria epidemic that’s threatening the children of a small town in Alaska. This inspiring film is based on a true story which is believed to be the origin of the Iditarod dog sled race.


More Pawsome Pet-Friendly Movies | Vet OrganicsA Dog’s Way Home (2019) - 7 Paws

Do you often wonder what thoughts our dogs could have? What would they say to us if they could speak our language? A Dog’s Way Home is one of those dog movies that explores this unknown, while telling a story of adventure, friendship, perseverance, and hope - from the eyes of the dog, Bella. As far as heartwarming animal tales go, this is among the most touching ones, and you’ll treasure your buddy even more than you thought was possible.


More Pawsome Pet-Friendly Movies | Vet Organics

Puss in Boots (2011) - 6 Paws

A list of pet-friendly movies can’t be complete without a legendary feline on it! And Puss in Boots is as classic as you can get when it comes to all-time favorite cat tales! This modern remake will take you and your Royal Kittiness on a quirky journey of criminal escapades, unexpected and unhappy reunions, rekindled friendships, and triumph against all odds. It’s the perfect flick to remind your Feline Highness that you appreciate how lucky you are because of awesome she is!


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