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How to Clean French Bulldog Ears & English Bulldog Ears: A Step by Step Guide

How to Clean French Bulldog Ears & English Bulldog Ears: A Step by Step Guide

You want to know how to clean bulldog ears, after all, that's what you searched for before landing on this article. We will go over all of the methods on how to clean English Bulldog ears and French Bulldog ears in just a second, but before we do, let's understand more about bulldogs in general, and dog ear cleaning as well. 

Dogs are kind, lovable, and gentle. They are some of the best companions anyone could ask for. While there are many breeds of dogs, bulldogs are one of the most favorites of pet parents.

These cute, wrinkled, and grumpy fellows draw love and admiration for their sweet and caring demeanor. These animated personalities make them one of the most popular pet dogs.

However, bulldogs are prone to various health issues, such as breathing problems, infections, and allergies. In case you don’t know, dog ear infections are the second leading cause of dogs’ visits to the vet. Leaving your bulldog’s ears dirty can lead to allergies.

How to clean bulldog ears - Ear Infection in Bulldogs


When bulldogs develop allergies, their ears take the defensive position and excrete allergens to fight the offenders. The “battle” allows yeast to grow in the damp ear canal. Dog ear yeast can eventually leads to a serious ear infection.

Like with any other health issue, the best way to prevent infection is to keep your dog’s ear clean. However, before we share the steps of cleaning your bulldog’s ear, it is important to learn some basics.

  • Ear wax serves as a protection shield against infection.
  • The wax in the dog’s ears lubricates and protects the ear canals.
  • Cleaning the ear too much can strip away the ear wax, thereby damaging the healthy barrier
  • Leaving the ear dirty allows the bacteria buildup in ear canals; this can also lead to infection.
  • Never use cotton swabs to clean a dog’s ear –it pushes the wax further in the ear canal and can also puncture the eardrum.

Things You Need to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

As mentioned above, don’t use cotton swabs for cleaning your dog’s ears. Rather, use special pet cleansers for Bulldogs ear cleaning. These gentle cleansers don’t irritate the skin of a dog’s ears. Since these pet cleansers dry quickly, they prevent wax or moisture buildup. You may use an ear-drying powder to dry your bulldog’s ears after cleaning fully.

How to Clean English Bulldog Ears

how to clean bulldog ears

While there are many adorable types of bulldogs, in this post, we will focus on English and French bulldogs.  English bulldogs or the British bulldogs have a short build with trademark wrinkled skin. They have folded rose-shaped ears. Healthy dogs have a pinkish-gray odorless ear.

The fold falls either backward or to side, thereby exposing the dog’s middle ear. In some breeds, the “fold” falls forward in a “drop ear” or “button ear” style. In both cases, moisture can easily accumulate in the ear leading to infection. Not to mention, the floppy or folded ears don’t get enough air; therefore, regular cleaning of ear is crucial to prevent infection.

How to clean bulldog ears step by step

Step #1: Comfort Your Dog

Your champ may not like the activity and put up a fight when cleaning the ear. Make your dog comfortable; you may offer some treats to the “boy” before and at the end of the process.

Step #2: Position the dog for a cleaning session

Hold the dog from the collar with one hand; use the other hand to lift the ear flap gently. Pull the flap upwards in a manner that exposes and straightens the ear canal.

Step #3: Pour the Cleanser Solution and Massage

In the next step, squeeze a few drops of pet ear cleanser solution into the ear canal of your bulldog. With fingertips, massage the base of your dog’s ear for 20 to 30 seconds and distribute the solution. It helps to break up the debris inside the ear canal.

Note: Make sure the nozzle of the cleanser does not go too far into your dog’s ears as it can rupture the eardrum.

Step #4: Shake it off

Allow your bulldog to shake its head; this is a dog’s natural way of cleaning out its ears. Shaking the head helps to get rid of the excess solution. Don’t forget to move away from the dog during the “shaking” activity.

Step #5: Wipe away the debris with a dry cotton ball

Once your dog finishes shaking its head, it’s time to wipe the visible inner area of your dog’s ears. Never use water to clean the debris; it can soften your dog’s skin, making it prone to infection. Vets recommend using a dry cotton ball or dry paper towel to wipe around the inner ear. Make sure to fully dry the ear as wetness may lead to fungus, bacteria, and ear infection.

How to Clean French Bulldog Ears

how to clean bulldog ears

Compared to their English cousins, French bulldogs are smaller in size. However, French bulldogs have large pointed bat-like ears. Due to the pointy ears, these dogs tend to collect more debris than other breeds. For this reason, French bulldog ear infections become a common issue and more attention is needed when it comes to hygiene, particularly ear cleaning.

Don’t leave the outer parts of your French bulldog’s ears dirty; make sure to clean them regularly. In addition, clean the inner parts of French bulldog’s ears at least once a month. Regularly checking your dog’s ears help you to detect ear issues, such as inflammation and infection, at an early stage.

Steps to Clean the Outer Ears of French Bulldogs

You would begin cleaning a French bulldog’s ears is the same as you would clean an English bulldog’s ears. To wipe out the outer areas of your French bulldog, follow these simple steps.

  • Sit on the floor with your French bulldog on your lap. Hold its collar with one hand and clean its ears with the other hand. You may ask someone to assist you in the ear-cleaning session.
  • Use a clean towel paper to clean the visible outer parts of the ear. Wet the paper with an ear cleansing solution before using it for wiping. The gentle solution doesn’t cause itching or irritation on your dog’s skin.
  • You may also use a cotton ball for wiping the ear.  Gently press the cotton ball against your dog’s ear and wipe the outer areas. Be careful and don’t push the cotton inside your dog’s ear canal. It can rupture the eardrum.
  • Dry the ears completely with a clean towel paper.

The easiest way to protect your dogs from an ear infection is to keep them clean. It is important to know that dogs with floppy ears, such as bulldogs, are more likely to have dog ear yeast problems and catch infections.

The hair obstructs the flow of air in the ear canal. Regularly trim or pluck the hair inside your bulldog’s ear. In addition, never use water to clean your bulldog’s ears as it can lead to infection.

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