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How to Fix Fido’s Dry Sniffer | Vet Organics

How to Fix Fido’s Dry Sniffer


Our furry pal’s nose is supposed to be wet. Having their cold and wet nose against our skin may feel icky at times, but it’s actually something we should appreciate. And if Fido’s sniffer becomes dry, it may be a cause for concern.

How to Fix Fido’s Dry Sniffer | Vet Organics

Why are dog noses wet?

  • Unlike humans, our dogs do not sweat through their skin. They cool off their bodies through their paws and nose; hence, the wet nose.
  • Fido constantly uses his nose to sniff around; to keep it clean, he also licks it often. Keeping his nose damp means he is able to capture and process more scents.
  • Canines produce mucus from their nose to help absorb scent chemicals, giving them a heightened sense of smell.




How to Fix Fido’s Dry Sniffer | Vet Organics

Why is Fido’s nose dry?

A cold and wet nose is normal and healthy. But a warm, dry nose does not always mean there’s a problem. The weather, time of day, and environmental conditions may also affect our four-footed friend’s muzzle. When this is the case, we can take simple steps to prevent or relieve his discomfort. We should make sure that he drinks plenty of water, and give him a nice, comfortable place to relax.

Other factors that can cause dry dog nose and which should be addressed immediately and properly are:

  • Allergies
  • Sunburn
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Skin problems and other medical conditions.
  • Sleep. When Fido wakes up from a nap, he may not have a wet nose for the first few minutes. 

If Fido’s dry nose is cracked or flaking, we should visit his vet so he can get the right ointment, infusion, or meds. It may just be a sunburn, but it could also be a serious condition that needs immediate attention. 


How to Fix Fido’s Dry Sniffer | Vet Organics

How can we fix Fido’s dry sniffer?

A veterinary checkup is never a bad idea if we are concerned about Fido’s sniffer being dry, especially if we’re not sure what’s causing it.

If his dry dog nose is due to an allergic reaction to his food or certain chemicals in the house, it is important that we identify the allergens and irritants right away so we can prevent further exposure to them. If food allergies are the cause, switching to an all-natural formula will be a smart choice. Of course, Fido may also be allergic to certain natural ingredients. This might require a process of elimination if we’re not sure what he’s allergic to. His vet will be able to help narrow down the usual suspects. We should also consider using pet-friendly cleaning products. These are available in most pet stores and online.




How to Fix Fido’s Dry Sniffer | Vet OrganicsEcoAllergy is a powerful, all-natural, anti-allergy supplement formulated with safe, effective ingredients that will boost your pet’s immune system to quickly clear itching, sneezing, coughing, and other allergy symptoms. 

Just about any skin problem or other medical condition will require a vet-recommended and prescribed treatment. The usual treatment only involves applying a pet-safe lubricant or moisturizer to Fido’s nose. Petroleum jelly, coconut oil, snout butter, and other all-natural lubricants are the best options. We should make sure not to apply too much, however, as the lubricant can cause an upset stomach when Fido licks his nose.

Dry dog noses can be easily overlooked, and our pooch could suffer from a cracked snout before we even notice that he needs attention. While his cold and wet nose may not always be a welcome greeting, we should do our best to be aware of any changes to the condition of his muzzle and also observe whether he’s exhibiting other behaviors that may indicate discomfort.

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