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How to Fix Fido’s Dry Sniffer

Our furry pal’s nose is supposed to be wet. Having their cold and wet nose against our skin may feel icky at times, but it’s actually something we should appreciate. And if Fido’s sniffer becomes dry, it may be a cause for concern. Learn what to look for, why a dry nose may be concerning, and what to do about it. 

All-Natural Cat Litter Roundup

All-natural cat litter is usually made of biodegradable materials that are relatively safe for Kitty. Believe it or not, there are cat litter options that are not safe for the environment or for kitty. We've got the 411. Learn more here to keep your kitty and the environment safe.

Pro Tips To Bathe Your Dog

Everyone needs regular baths, including our pups. Dog baths may only come once a month, or they may be a daily necessity. Here we’ll learn how often to wash doggos, as well as how to do it without breaking our backs - or the water meter. Find our pro tips here.

What To Watch For When Adopting A Cat

Adoption is a big deal.  For many, the toughest part is deciding which animal has the makings for the best companion. Here are some of the top tips we should all consider when choosing to add a new cat- or -canine companion to our homes and families.

End-of-Life Care And The Tough Choices, Part One

We need to talk about something kind of sensitive. Our fur-babies are such an important part of the family, but we all know the day is coming when they’ll cross the rainbow. While it may be a difficult one, the conversation about end of life care is one we should all have.

Why does my dog kick his leg when I scratch his belly?

  We all know and love doggie idiosyncrasies. They’re wagging tails, shoelace slobber, puppy eyes when we are trying to eat, and of course, the leg...

Why does my cat lick me?

Dogs are so obvious about their slobber. They love us, and they don’t mind making a big scene about it. But what does it mean when a cat licks their guardian? Do they have the same reasons? Or are they expressing something else?

The New Kitten Checklist

Getting a new kitten can be one of the most entertaining and exciting times for a cat guardian. The cuteness factor can put us on overload and, if we’re new to cat-guardianship, the learning curve can be intensive. Cat companions can also be expensive and a little overwhelming if we aren’t planning ahead. Here’s a list of kitty essentials for every forever home.

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*Results may vary based on factors such as age, size and physical condition of your pet.