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The New Kitten Checklist

Getting a new kitten can be one of the most entertaining and exciting times for a cat guardian. The cuteness factor can put us on overload and, if we’re new to cat-guardianship, the learning curve can be intensive. Cat companions can also be expensive and a little overwhelming if we aren’t planning ahead. Here’s a list of kitty essentials for every forever home.

new-kitten-checklist-vet-organicsToys and entertainment. While pups may need toys to chew on and toys for play, cats need toys to help satisfy their curious, inquisitive nature along. They need to have a variety of toys to occupy their time, so they don’t get bored. Feathers, catnip filled plush mice, ribbon boys on a string, little balls with bells in them, and laser pointers are all fun, go-to toys that will help to eliminate boredom and keep our hair ties a little safer.

Healthy habitat activities. Toys are great, but cats also need other stimulation to get through their day and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Cats love to climb, so adding a cat tree with shelves and hammocks can help direct their attention and lounging to the important places, and away from the shelving that has the fine china. Scratching posts are important for cats to strengthen, sharpen, and keep their nails short. Plus, it can help keep the furniture cat-scratch free.

Treats. When we are getting a new puppy or canine companion, treats are important because they are often so closely tied to the reward system we’ll use for training. We can also train cats with treats, plus nutritious treats can be a fun way to spend time with kittens. Placing them in a toy that will replicate hunting or problem-solving for our cats can keep their minds healthy and their moods happy.

new-kitten-checklist-vet-organics-ecospotPantry staples. Keeping general first aid and other important items on-hand will keep tough moments from turning into emergencies. Always keep a bottle of irrigation saline handy as well as sterile gauze and self-adhesive, hair-friendly wraps. Plus, no matter you are and how old your cat is, it’s always a good idea to keep EcoSpot™ Hot Spot Spray for Dogs & Cats on the shelf. You never know when the itchies might occur and Mr. Fluff will see immediate relief when this all-natural spray is kept handy.

Food and water bowls. Will it be the latest fashion design? Do we want a fish motif or paw prints? Bowls come in many shapes and sizes. The most important tip is to remember to keep bowls clean and always have fresh, clean water available.

Food and supplements. Finding the right cat food is critical. It needs to provide the right nutritional support and provide for the life stage of kitty. Kittens have vastly different nutritional needs than adult cats and senior cats. There’s kibble, canned, and raw diets available. Do the research and consider including these important support supplements:

  • EcoDigestive™ Probiotic & Enzyme Support Formula for Cats is a great way to help balance and soothe the digestive upset often caused by commercial foods, which contain fillers and pesticide residues. It also contains important enzymes often missing from cat food, to ensure maximum absorption of nutrients.

  • EcoAllergy™ Anti-Allergy Supplement for Cats is a powerful anti-allergy supplement formulated with safe, effective, natural ingredients that will boost your pet’s immune system to quickly clear itching, sneezing, coughing, and other allergy symptoms, whether environmental or seasonal.

new-kitten-checklist-vet-organicsBedding, boxes, and baskets. Every fur-baby needs a place to rest their weary, post-catnip-crazed paws. Beds come in all shapes and sizes. It’s always a good idea to choose something that won’t hold onto loose hair and with fabric that can easily be removed from the cushions, machine-washed, and easily put back on the cat bed. Remember that most cats love cat caves, baskets, and boxes. So, keep a few in a closet and rotate which ones stay in the living room - to keep things interesting and new.

Litter boxes, scoops, and litter. There are so many litter options, it’s dizzying. We’ll plan on trying a few to find the right match for the house and Mr. Socks. A great starting place is something that will be non-toxic to dogs, pets, and children. Some options are safe for cats, but not the rest of us. The number one recommendation is to keep one more litter box than the number of cats. That means those of us with two cats should have three litter boxes. One cat households can do with two litter boxes.  

new-kitten-checklist-vet-organicsGrooming tools. It’s recommended that we brush our cat’s teeth. That means a cat-friendly toothbrush and cat-friendly toothpaste should make it into the grooming kit. We recommend reading through, Top Tips For Our Cat’s Dental Health to better understand how and when to take care of this task. A furminator or set of combs are also a staple in the grooming basket.

Collar, harness, leash, and carrier. It’s inevitable. We’ll have to take our cat companion somewhere, at some point. Whether we are going to our yearly vet visit for a check-up or a friend’s house for cat sitting, a cat carrier is an absolute must. And, if we’re going to harness-train our kitty, we’ll need those tools as well. Just make sure the harness fits well. And be sure to add a name and phone number to the collar’s tag. Microchipping is also imperative whether Sergeant Fuzzy Boots will be an indoor cat or not. Being prepared for the unthinkable is critical, and microchips are a basic step in the right direction.

new-kitten-checklist-vet-organics-pet-insurancePet Insurance. Yes, it can seem like a luxury to pet guardians who have gone without, but when you do the math, pet insurance saves money in the long run. Vet Organics has already carefully vetted pet insurance providers, so take a look at this important guide. And to help get to know the myths and facts around pet insurance, this article is a great place to start: Most Common Pet Insurance Myths.    

Every home with loving guardians should be a kitty forever-home. They’re wonderful companions, entertaining, and they enrich our lives if we provide them with the basics they need to have a healthy, happy life. We hope this list helps and invite everyone to share their kitty stories, add to this list and send pictures. Add comments below or tag us on Facebook and Instagram using #VetOrganics.

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