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National Love Your Pet Day

National Love Your Pet Day

February is a time for showing those we love that they are important to us. National Love Your Pet Day is perfect for showing our fur-babies, fine feathered-friends, scale-skinned and creepy crawly companions that we love them. This year our celebration falls on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018.

Vet Organics Love Your Pet DayMost of us in the U.S. are pet guardians. A whopping 39% of us are guardians to at least one dog, and another 33% of us share our home with at least one cat. And we love to spoil our feline and canine companions. In 2017, we spent 70 billion dollars on pet products. Ten years ago that number was $41 billion.

What are some of the top reasons we are grateful to be sharing our hearts and our homes with Garfields and Fidos? Well, overwhelmingly, it’s because they give us unconditional love. That’s right. 22% of Americans appreciate the love they receive. Other reasons we are thankful for our fur-babies?

  • 17% say their pets comfort them when they are sad.
  • 13% say having a pet means they can look forward to going home each day.
  • 10% name their pet as they reason they are a more loving person.
  • 10% appreciate that their pet teaches them patience.

  • Vet Organics Love Your Pet Day. So, aside from receiving unconditional love, most pet owners say they are a better person because of their fur-baby. And while every day should be “Spoil your pet day,” it makes sense that we would want to have a special day to recognize the amazing ways pet guardianship has changed us for the better.

    Love Your Pet Day Best Practices

    Here are some important ways fellow pet guardians around the country show affection to their cat and canine companions year-round and on Love Your Pet Day.

  • 15% play with their pet when they want to give a little extra love. Throw a ball, unravel some twine, or help them find their favorite toy for some real fun.
  • 13% like to shower their pets with gifts and treats. For those who go the treat route, make sure they are nutritious and low calorie. EcoTreats are perfect for dog lovers!


    Vet Organics Love Your Pet Day EcoEatsEcoTreats are all-natural, premium treats. Their grain-free, gluten-free, preservative and additive-free, free from by-products and high in protein. And they’re a great source of the vitamins and minerals dogs need. Give them a try - there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there’s no risk.

    • 12% cuddle with their pets when they want to show love. Snuggle up under that blanket or settle into a comfy pillow pile. It’s snuggle time!
    • 10% make a point of verbally telling their pet, “I love you.” Surely our fur-babies can tell when our voices are loving and our eyes are soft. Let them know it’s love.
    • 9% of pet guardians let their pet sleep on or in their bed with them. Can we really blame them? Fuzzy warmness and hypnotic breathing are great for restless sleepers.
    • 9% of Americans carry on conversations with their pets as a way to use their name and let them know we see them. Including them in conversations can also reduce loneliness!


    love your pet day vet organics10% hang out together. Settle in for a Netflix marathon of Homeward Bound, Cats & Dogs, and Milo & Otis. Or rest a reassuring hand on that furry friend and read a good book. Sit on the porch together and watch the sunset. Or enjoy dinner on the floor together, if Fido can keep to his food bowl. 

    • 9% kiss their pet when they want to show affection. We cheek kiss with friends, forehead kiss our kids and blow kisses to strangers as a bon voyage wave. Why not add some kisses to those ear rubs?
    • 5% of us take our pets places, like the beach, camping, road trips, and to work. It’s a great way to give our pets new and exciting experiences while getting out and enjoying the world together.
    • 2% of Americans dress their pets up in costumes. It’s a small percentage because let’s face it, not all pets are into dress up. But some love the extra attention, so if that’s a favorite past-time for both pet and parent, pamper and primp like it’s prom!

    What are some favorite ways you pamper your pup to show affection? How are you celebrating National Love your pet day? Send a photo or share your best story in the comments or on Facebook and Instagram using #VetOrganics 
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