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National Vet Tech Appreciation Week | Vet Organics

National Vet Tech Appreciation Week


Veterinary technicians are invaluable members of every veterinary practice, providing the support and care vital to preserving the health and welfare of animals. Every third week of October, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) celebrates National Veterinary Technician Week to recognize and show appreciation for the important contributions veterinary technicians make every, single day. 

Vet Tech Appreciation Week Highlights

During National Vet Tech Appreciation Week, the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) conducts a variety of activities that highlights the profession’s integral function in a veterinary practice. These activities aim to:

  • Increase the public’s awareness about what role veterinary technicians play in the care of animals. 
  • Reinforce the profession’s purpose and veterinary technicians’ professionalism. 
  • Encourage veterinary technicians to support each other and to always strive for ethical and excellent veterinary care and teamwork. 
  • Recognize and strengthen the relationships veterinary technicians have with veterinarians and other veterinary professionals. 
National Vet Tech Appreciation Week | Vet Organics

Recognizing Vet Technicians’ Crucial Role in Pet Healthcare

Veterinary technicians play a crucial role in veterinary healthcare. Working together with the entire veterinary healthcare team, vet practices are able to efficiently provide the best medical care to their patients - whether they have fur, scales, or feathers. 

Vet technicians are rigorously educated and trained to acquire skills and knowledge that make them highly qualified to provide care and treatment to different animal species. Additionally, almost every state requires vet technicians to take and pass a credentialing exam. Vet Tech Appreciation Week helps educate the public more about the admirable competence and dedication of these professionals.

In a statement for last year’s event, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) CEO, Michael Cavanaugh, DVM, DABVP (Emeritus), shared that “It is so fitting to have a week set aside to honor the hard work and dedication of veterinary technicians. They play an essential role in the delivery of excellent patient and client care in every veterinary practice. We must always remember to thank them for the endless love and care they pour into their work, and must never take for granted the amazing contributions they make.”   

National Vet Tech Week helps spread awareness to the general public about the incredible commitment and humane care veterinary technicians offer animals of all species. Pet guardians, especially, encounter vet technicians every time they visit a veterinary clinic without realizing and appreciating the hard work and amazing contributions given by these workers. They provide support to veterinary healthcare in various capacities: as the veterinarian’s nurse, anesthetist, surgical nurse, lab technician, radiography technician, and client educator. 

Vet technicians complete a two-year program accredited by the AVMA from a community college, college, or university. After they pass their credentialing exam, they are qualified to work not only in veterinary practices, but also in the fields of zoo/wildlife medicine, biomedical research, and livestock health management, among others.

Vet technicians certainly deserve our gratitude every day for all that they do. Still, National Vet Tech Week allows us the opportunity to let them know that we recognize their dedication in providing excellent veterinary care for all animals.

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