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How to Stop Your Cat from Ruining Furniture

Cats love scratching your furniture, and it is very hard to stop them. Cats do not scratch just for fun; it is important for their health as w...

National Vet Tech Appreciation Week

Every third week of October, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) celebrates National Veterinary Technician Week to recognize and show appreciation for the important contributions veterinary technicians make every, single day. Learn more here. 

All-Natural Cat Litter Roundup

All-natural cat litter is usually made of biodegradable materials that are relatively safe for Kitty. Believe it or not, there are cat litter options that are not safe for the environment or for kitty. We've got the 411. Learn more here to keep your kitty and the environment safe.

When Cats Throw Up

Cats may end up with digestive upset, but how can we tell when vomiting is caused by a minor digestive upset or a serious illness? Refer to this quick reference guide for answers.

Housetraining Kittens: It’s Easier Than You Think

When we train them early enough, and with the right support, Ms. Fuzzy Boots can be potty-trained after just a few tries. Learn more about kitten training with this step-by-step guide and pro tips.

Helping Pets Deal with Grief

Grieving is a natural phenomenon for humans. Did you know that animals grieve also? Learn how you can recognize the signs of grief in your dog or cat and ways to help them through the grieving process. 

Kitty’s New Year’s Resolutions

This year, we’re sharing some of the resolutions Miss Kitty Fantastico has so her guardians can reward good behavior, reinforce good behavior, and get her to show more of her warm, fuzzy side. Learn how to help your cat keep her New Year's resolutions this year. 

How to Choose the Right Veterinarian

 While the vet-hunting process can seem overwhelming, it’s far from insurmountable. By following this five-step process, even the most selective guardians can their Dr. Dolittle.

November Is Pet Diabetes Awareness Month

November is so much more than Black Friday and turkey dinners. It’s also National Diabetes Month.  One out of every 200 cats and one out of every 300 dogs will be affected by diabetes. Read here to discover important facts, symptoms to look for, and treatments available. 

November Is Pet Cancer Awareness Month: 6 Pet Cancer Myths

Although about 25-percent of our pets will one day be diagnosed with cancer, many pet parents begin that battle in ignorance. Read on to learn more and stifle a few of those common misconceptions many hold.

National Cat Day

Every year, National Cat Day is celebrated on October 29th. As cat lovers, we can celebrate the cats in our lives by expressing our unconditional love and companionship. Find ways to celebrate and observe this special day. 

7 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

We love our cats, but they can do some pretty weird stuff. Some of these behaviors leave us feeling pretty neglected. Others lead to the creation of memes and viral phrases. Right now, we're going to explain the rest, the ones that leave us scratching our heads.

EPA Says Toxic Chemicals can Stay in Flea Collars

There's a good reason flea collars come with warnings front and center. Thinking about purchasing a flea collar for your canine companion? You mi...

Can Dogs and Cats Get Ebola?

Credit: NIAID Over the fall, news outlets and regular people alike seemed gripped by the idea of a terrifying global Ebola outbreak. While recent...

Crazy Pet Laws that Make You Wonder

“Good laws make it easier to do right and harder to do wrong.” ― William Ewart Gladstone .Most of us will agree that laws are necessary to keep or...

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