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Kitty’s New Year’s Resolutions | Vet Organics

Kitty’s New Year’s Resolutions


Our cat companions are treated like royalty, mostly because they accept nothing less. But even those from furry nobility and of magnificent beauty can have goals for improvement. Kitties can yearn for even more attention, playtime, and better treats. This year, we’re sharing some of the resolutions Miss Kitty Fantastico has so her guardians can reward good behavior, reinforce good behavior, and get her to show more of her warm, fuzzy side.

EcoTreats Vet OrganicsKeep in mind, one of the best ways to reinforce good behavior and show love is to share low-calorie, all-natural, premium treats, like EcoTreats wild-caught sockeye salmon filet bits. They are USA-sourced, high in omega fatty acids, and even have the skin for maximum nutrition and flavor. Socks won’t be able to resist, and guardians can rest easy knowing they are sharing a guilt-free, healthy treat.

Kitty Resolutions

Kitty’s New Year’s Resolutions | Vet Organics

I’ll Get Off My Royal Butt More Often


For those of us who are beginning to grunt a little when we pick up our kitties, there are a few ways we can help Garfield lose that extra fluff around the middle with just a few simple steps. First, we can choose carb-free, high-protein diets. Many cat foods add carbs for fillers, but cats can’t actually digest carbohydrates easily, which often causes unnecessary weight gain and digestive discomfort. As we ease them onto a newer, more nutrition-rich diet, consider EcoDigestive, An all-natural probiotic and enzyme support formula. We can also choose low calorie treats, like EcoTreats. Lastly, exercise may seem obvious for dogs, but it’s also critical for cats and kitties at all life stages. We can set aside 20-30 minutes a day for playtime, and who doesn’t love to sprinkle a bit of catnip or valerian root to help kitty get up and running?


Kitty’s New Year’s Resolutions | Vet Organics

I’ll Keep the Scratching to a Minimum

The truth is, cats need to scratch. It’s part of their grooming routine. Scratching not only keeps their nails strong and clean, it also keeps their body flexible, ligaments strong, and increases circulation. These days, throwing a scratching post in the corner isn’t the only way to try an deter kitty from scratching other areas of the house. There are decorative and functional scratching mats we can hang on doorknobs. We can buy inexpensive sisal remnants from rug companies to turn into cat scratch rugs that also protect our entryway floors. Sisal rope is available at any craft store. Some use it for rustic decorative crafts, but cat guardians use it to wrap existing cat trees and sturdy lamp bases. Plus, sisal can be sewn onto the lower arms and backs of our furniture. If they’re going to scratch the couch, it may as well be the scratching post part of the furniture. Finally, there are finally scratch deterrents available that really work, such as homemade sprays and double-sided tape. To minimize damage, the occasional nail trim is inexpensive and dulls those razor sharp, furniture slicing talons.


Kitty’s New Year’s Resolutions | Vet Organics

I’ll Be More Affectionate

Sometime Sergeant Fuzzy Boots can’t get enough rubs. Other days she expects us to be mind readers who somehow know she wants exactly three rubs behind her ears and she’ll bite our hands if we attempt a fourth. We can help the Serg with this resolution by trying a few different techniques. First, try a few herbs. Catnip and Valerian are playful energizers, but for some cats, silvervine can make cats calm and loving. Sprinkle a little on your hands and lap to encourage some calm snuggles. Watch cat TV together. YouTube abounds with cat videos, but they also have videos for cats to watch. Try birds eating nuts, squirrels chasing each other, or fish in a virtual fish tank. Keep the sound on and read a book while Sgt. Fuzzy Boots vegges out.


Kitty’s New Year’s Resolutions | Vet Organics

I’ll Train My Human to Clean Up After Me More Regularly

Cats love to stay clean. They set aside the bulk of their day, that isn’t spent on cat naps, for endless grooming. They also love a clean living space. Anyone who has ever noticed a cat scraping at the ground outside their litter box knows the embarrassment of having missed one too many days cleaning and replacing litter. We can help our feline friend keep this resolution by making a few of our own. Wash their bedding once a week. Keep their favorite nap areas free from hair. Just a quick swipe with a sticky roller will do the trick. And of course, clear the litter box every day, wash the litter box every month, and completely replace their litter every one to two weeks.


We love our feline friends, and that means we love spoiling them. Giving them the best foods, treats, and comforts we can afford is a pleasure. By helping our cats keep their New Year’s resolutions, we’ll all benefit. And we’ll appreciate seeing a bit more of our cat companion’s warm fuzzy side.


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