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Puppy Care 101

Puppy Care 101

Puppies can be a huge undertaking. It’s easy to be a little overwhelmed, even if it isn’t the first time we’ve adopted a fur-baby. We’ve assembled this getting started guide with new puppy parents in mind. This time of year is a busy time for shelters because many new guardians realize their puppy was more responsibility than they realized. We welcome questions and believe knowledge is power!

Puppy Care 101: The Basics

puppy care 101 vet organics Sharing our home with our new puppy can be fascinating and adorable and exhausting. The best first step to handle it is to be mentally prepared. It’s a lot of work. The cuteness does wear off. There will be chores. And we need to train ourselves just as much as we need to train a puppy. Given all that - it’s worth it to build a lasting, rewarding relationship.

Setting our puppy up for a healthy life

pet-insurance puppy care 101 vet organics The first step is to make sure our puppy is healthy and set them on track to stay that way. We can’t skip this step or put it off. We need to find a great vet if we don’t already have one, get our puppy on record as a family member, have the little one microchipped and begin the vaccination process. Remember to get the boosters on the books, so we don’t forget or lose track of time and then go ahead and schedule that neuter or spay now, so we get it over with as soon as the first vaccination series is completed. We might even consider pet insurance. While we can plan for these first few expected appointments, the financial responsibility of pet guardianship can become a surprise investment if our pup gets sick or injured. Investing in pet insurance can be a way to prepare for the unexpected.

Setting our puppy up for a happy life

Enlist the help of a trainer. We don’t need to make this a huge investment, especially if we are strategic. Get a trainer’s help early on to not only help us with our pup but to educate us on dog psychology and the best way to train and socialize a canine companion. We should find someone who is experienced and has a training style we agree with. Going in with a plan for what we want our puppy to learn and how we can help teach them when we’re not with our trainer is the best way to save money and to make ourselves the primary leader in our pup’s eyes.

Prevention is the best cure

Stocking up on pantry staples and medicine cabinet stand-bys, just like keeping band-aids and allergy meds in the house, is an important way to be prepared for the little irritants our puppies can face that can turn into a big deal if we don’t deal with it right away.
  • EcoEars puppy care 101 vet organics EcoEars is an important household staple because most dogs get an ear infection at some point in their lives. Some breeds are more predisposed to ear infections than others. This natural remedy is a powerful formula that is a strong remedy for ear infections, but gentle for dogs. Plus, just like we typically treat a child’s cold at home, in most cases, EcoEars eliminates the need for expensive vet visits.
  • ecospot puppy care 101 vet organics EcoSpot is a fast-acting, all-natural solution for itchy hot spots. It’s specially formulated to work on fungal, bacterial, yeast, and skin mite infections. Irritation can occur for a variety of reasons and unexpectedly. Having this powerful remedy on-hand can be the difference between an incredibly uncomfortable infection that has taken hold, and a little itchiness that can be quickly treated and forgotten.
  • eco-bug-puppy care 101 vet organics EcoBug is a powerful pest repellant that protects against the trifecta - fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. Each of these pests has a season or are a year-round threat. They can be a problem for our pups and our homes, plus they carry diseases to which canines and humans are susceptible. EcoBug is natural, non-tox, and pesticide-free, unlike most chemical repellents. Keep it available, year-round, and you’ll be protecting the entire family, not just the fur-babies.
  • ecotreats-puppy care 101 vet organics EcoTreats are a family of delicious, all-natural, slow-roasted, grain-, gluten-, additive-, and preservative-free dog treats. They’re high in protein, low in fat, and they don’t contain any by-products that can irritate sensitive digestive systems. We can try them all and find out pup’s favorite. Stock up and keep these pantry staples in stock for training, between-meal treats, and just because.

Create a healthy, happy home

Pups need a safe place to get away from loud music and rambunctious kiddos. We can set up a room where our canine companions can retreat and where the family knows and respects their alone time. Plus, they are social animals, so Fido will need his own bed in a room where the household congregates so they can be a part of the family. Our fur-babies need a way to get inside and outside as needed, so install a dog door, hang a bell on the door handle they can ring, or put out the piddle pads.

Healthful, nutritious food for a healthy pup

Commercial dog food can contain fillers, additives, and preservatives that are disruptive and difficult for canine digestive systems to process. Carefully choose a brand with a balanced ingredient label that will give them everything they need and nothing they won’t need. Check out this article how to read dog food labels to learn about Pet Food Labels. Remember, doggy flatulence isn’t normal and can be avoided with the right diet. And, for those interested in making sure their dog’s dining experience is not only healthful but tasty, check out this article about How Dogs Taste Their Food .
  • eco-eats-puppy care 101 vet organics EcoEats is nutritious dehydrated dog food that is as close to a whole foods diets as we can get. It’s all-natural, grain-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, free of by-products, hypoallergenic, vet-approved, and it’s great for all life stages. Satisfaction is guaranteed, so give it a try and see just how much Fido loves it.
  • eco-digestive-puppy care 101 vet organics EcoDigestive is an important probiotic and enzyme support supplement that can help dogs on a commercial dog food diet that may be irritating their digestive system. Just sprinkle it on their food at mealtime, and they’ll get the full benefit of their food.
  • eco-immune-puppy care 101 vet organics EcoImmune provides an immunity boost to support healthy pups. It can help protect them from pathogens, provide an immunity boost during times of stress, and gives them the best possible opportunity for better overall health and well-being.

Playtime and Playdates

Our canine companions will need plenty of mental stimulation and playtime at all ages. Making sure there are toys available will give them a way to let us know they are looking for some playtime companionship. And they will sometimes entertain themselves if the right toys are hanging around. Training and mental fitness games can be a great way to keep our pups young and engaged. Really, it’s all about the companionship we can offer. They need exercise and something to do with their minds. Check out this article about how to build a therapeutic relationship with our dogs . And this favorite about how to engage and stimulate our dogs is a great reference. Puppies are exciting and fun - and can be a learning experience, even for veterans of puppy guardianship. Preparation and love is the key. Do you have a new puppy or new puppy advice? Share it with us on Facebook and add a picture of your precious pup. We would love to hear from you.
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