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The New Puppy Checklist

The New Puppy Checklist

Getting a new puppy can be fun and exciting and plenty of cuteness overload. But puppies can also be expensive, overwhelming, and kinda messy. Here’s a list of puppy essentials for every forever home.

Wire playpen. These are great because we can see our pup. Our pup can see us. But the potential mess and zooming around is limited to one location. Puppy playpens are great for their safety and our sanity.  

vet organics - puppy checklist

Piddle Pads. One of the first things we train our puppies to do is to use the dog door to go outside and piddle, or hold it until we can let them out. It’s a tough process, but piddle pads are a huge help. It’s a stepping stone to the big boy undies.
Toys! Yes, bringing our pup to the store to let them pick out their own toys a few times a year is perfect. But for the first round, pick a toy from each category, so we know our fur-baby has everything they need from the beginning: bones, squeakers, furry plush toys, and rubber balls are the puppy or new dog starter pack.

Leash & collar. Puppies can’t go for walks until they are fully immunized. There are too many things they can pick up from parks and other places dogs frequent, even if there aren’t dogs there when we are. But we need to get our pups used to their collar, and we can sure work on training them on a leash from an early age. Bitter Apple Spray. If we need anything, it’s the expectation that puppies will be puppies. That includes chewing on shoes, furniture, and more. But we can lessen the destruction with a simple, natural remedy. Spray a little but of this magic on the edges of the furniture. It will smell good, but taste bad to curious puppies.vet organics - puppy checklist
Food and water bowls. Puppies gotta eat, right? And drink. At least one food bowl is needed, but we can always consider two. One for the dishwasher and one for mealtime. One water bowl will also to the trick, but pups like to drink and having an indoor bowl, as well as an outdoor bowl, can ensure they are never more than a few steps away from fresh water.
Food! Commercial food can be tough on dog digestive systems. Consider EcoEats. It’s dehydrated food that’s as close to a whole foods diet as we can get. Dogs love the taste. It’s vet-approved, all natural, and great for all life stages. As if that isn’t enough, it’s also grain-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, free from by-products, and hypoallergenic.

vet organics - puppy checklist Treats for snacks and training. Low calorie, nutritious treats are a great way to reward food-motivated puppies during training. They can also be a pleasant way to share a moment, as long it doesn’t ruin their appetite or add to their weight. EcoTreats™ Slow-Roasted Beef Lung Steaks are all natural, gluten-free, grain-free, free from preservatives and additives, and they’re great for all life stages. Give them a try!

Bedding. Every pup needs a space. They need a safe zone and place where they can feel like they can relax and be a part of the family. There should be a safe zone and comfortable napping place for Fido in the family room, or wherever the household ends to hang out, as well as somewhere like the bedroom or a quiet room where kids and loud music aren’t allowed.  
Grooming essentials. A brush or comb, nail trimmer, dog-safe shampoo, dog-safe toothbrush, and dog-safe toothpaste are all part the grooming kit every dog home needs. If a professional groomer is in our canine companion’s future, the brush and dog-safe toothpaste and toothbrush are all that’s needed.
Pooper scooper and bags. Whether there’s a backyard or a few daily bathroom walks a day in our future, we need environmentally compostable bags for walks and a pooper scooper for the yard.

vet organics - puppy listAn ID for the collar and a micro chip for the emergencies. The worst feeling is that of a lost pup and no way to recover them unless we actually see and can identify them. Go ahead and add that ID to their collar.And nothing is worse than a backyard escape or natural disaster that results in a pup running scared. A microchip will ensure vets and shelters can reunite us with our loved ones that much sooner.

Pantry staples & first aid. Our vet will make recommendations, and it’s important that we listen.
  • If we need heartworm meds because of our area and season, do it.
  • Flea and tick treatment are important for all locations in the U.S. and all seasons. EcoBug™ Insect-Repelling Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs protects our pups from the trifecta - fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. It’s safe and all natural, but powerful enough to protect our entire family from the blood-borne pathogens these pests carry.
  • Calming and stress-reducing products are a pantry staple because we never know what might be tough on our fur-baby’s nerves, but we do know that when we need it, we’ll regret not having it on-hand.
  • A powerful, but gentle, natural spray for the itchies. Environmental allergies can happen to any dog and can occur when they are puppies or end up happening when their adults. Either way, EcoSpot™ Hot Spot Spray for Dogs & Cats can alleviate those itchies and provide fast relief.

Emergency bag. Natural disasters occur everywhere at some point. The best way to make sure our entire family, fur-babies included, is to have an emergency bag available. It should list the members of the family, whether they need medications, contain recent pictures, and have a few days of food for everyone.

vet organics - puppy checklistPet insurance. It can seem expensive until we calculate the cost of not having insurance. Dogs can end up with diseases, injuries, and other sudden medical challenges. They add up, but being prepared with pet insurance could save the life of our fur-babies. For recommended plans Vet Organics has vetted, check out this everything guide.

Puppies are a ton of work! But the cuteness fixes, the companionship, the love, and the laughs are all worth it. Follow this helpful list, and you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Do you have anything to add to this list? What about pictures of your pup? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or on Instagram, using #VetOrganics

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