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Table Scraps Pets Cannot Have, Part One | Vet Organics | EcoDigestive

Table Scraps Pets Cannot Have, Part One


We all remember the rule of thumb that pets just shouldn’t have people food. Pets get pet food. As we educate ourselves about the additives and fillers pet food often contain, and we learn more about how to share a healthful diet with our cat- and canine- companions, understanding table scraps becomes a more important topic. This is a helpful list of the most common people foods pets really can’t have.


Avocados are delicious and healthful for humans, but everything about avocados is bad for our fur-babies. The fruit, seeds, bark, and leaves, all contain a chemical called persin, which is toxic for dogs and cats. Keep them away from avocado, guacamole, and any foods or drinks that may contain avocado.

Beer and Liquor

This may be something we enjoy one a day or on special days, but they are toxic for dogs and cats any time of the year. Not only do they cause digestive distress, but they also cause alcohol poisoning much faster than in humans. Beer, wine, and liquor are also so toxic, they can cause pets to fall into a coma and eventually die. For those who suspect their animal is suffering from the symptoms of alcohol ingestion, letting them sleep it off is not a solution. Take them to the vet or call the animal poison control center. 888-426-4435

Bones and Raw Meat

Table Scraps Pets Cannot Have, Part One | Vet Organics | EcoDigestiveThere are raw food diets that are processed under sanitary conditions to be edible for dogs and cats. Thawed or raw meat that is meant to be cooked for human consumption is also not edible for dogs and cats. They are at risk of diseases and pests, just as people are at risk when they eat raw meat that is meant to be cooked prior to consumption. Also, many bones cause unnecessary risk. Bird bones are thin and can splinter. Cooked bones become bitter and can break or splinter. In both cases, the bone fragments can cause fatal damage to the intestinal tract. It’s better to share nylon-based or pressed rawhide bones that have been prepared with pet-safety in mind.   

Chocolate, Coffee, and Caffeine

Methylxanthines are chemicals which can be found in coffee and chocolate, as well as in colas and sodas, energy drinks, diet pills, painkillers, and tea. Chocolate also contains theobromine, which is a toxin that can trigger severe reactions in dogs and cats. The darker the chocolate, the worse it will be for our fur babies.

Coconut and Coconut Oil

Table Scraps Pets Cannot Have, Part One | Vet Organics | EcoDigestiveCoconut and coconut-based products, fresh, or processed, contain oils that cause stomach upset, digestive issues, and other health challenges. It’s also important to note that coconut water may sound safe because it is water, but it contains high levels of potassium. This is great for humans, not for animals. Too much potassium causes blood acidity, heart problems, kidney problems, and a host of other dangerous conditions that are difficult to identify and treat before harm is done. For those who suspect exposure, don’t “wait and see.” Get professional advice immediately.


Many cat guardians share a saucer of milk or a little ice cream with their kitties. Some dog guardians are convinced yogurt is great for their dog’s coat. The truth is, both cats and dogs are lactose intolerant to varying degrees. Instead of leaning on dairy products, there are many sugar-free treats that are great alternatives. And instead of yogurt, consider supplements, such as a high-quality fish oil.

EcoDigestive Supports Digestion

Table Scraps Pets Cannot Have, Part One | Vet Organics | EcoDigestiveCommercial pet food is not always easily digested, and many dogs and cats lack the essential enzymes to get the full benefit of their food. EcoDigestive™ Probiotic & Enzyme Support Formula improves your canine’s or feline’s digestion, and the absorption of nutrients in their diet. If your dog or cat suffers from loose stools, gas, constipation, poor skin or hair condition, or lack of energy, it’s likely they are not properly digesting food. EcoDigestive is the answer.

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